Blog Navel Oiling: The “It” Trend? TikTok Influencers Leave The Internet Divided.

Navel Oiling: The “It” Trend? TikTok Influencers Leave The Internet Divided.

Navel oiling has become so popular that it is now garnering millions of views on TikTok! Supporters of this practice claim that applying oil to the belly button and surrounding abdomen can address various health concerns.

These include hernias, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, promote weight loss, and relieve stress (Source: Healthline). However, experts are skeptical of these claims, citing a lack of scientific evidence to support the supposed benefits.

Navel oiling is rooted in Ayurvedic methods, a traditional Indian medical system that involves applying various oils, such as caster, peppermint, and ginger oil, to the belly button and abdomen.

While the practice has ancient origins, it has recently gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok, where influencers have contributed to the proliferation of health claims associated with navel oiling.

Dr. Sarah Jenkins, a GP and women’s health expert, voices concern about the misinformation surrounding navel oiling, stating that suggesting oil can cure complex health issues is irresponsible and potentially harmful. She emphasizes the need for scientifically proven interventions to address health concerns.

One of the claims driving the popularity of navel oiling is the belief that the belly button contains over 70,000 veins that extend throughout the entire body.

However, Dr. Gabrielle McCauley refutes this notion, explaining that the belly button is essentially a scar that remains after the umbilical cord has been cut.

While the belly button does contain blood vessels, they do not number anywhere near the claimed 70,000 veins.

Dr. Jenkins concurs with Dr. McCauley’s assessment, describing the belly button as a healed remnant of the attachment to the placenta and nothing more.

In essence, scientific evidence does not support the idea that oiling the belly button can have a profound influence on other areas of the body.

In light of the questionable health claims associated with navel oiling, experts recommend turning to proven methods for improving overall health, such as adopting a balanced diet, reducing processed food consumption, and engaging in regular exercise.

It’s crucial for individuals to exercise caution and skepticism when confronted with health trends on social media platforms and consult with healthcare professionals for evidence-based guidance.

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