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First OTC Birth Control Pill Approved By FDA

Just in. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the first-ever over-the-counter pill for birth control. The drug “Opill” will be the first in the States to be dispensed without a prescription. 

The approval marks the first time an oral contraceptive has been made available to the public. This is remarkable for women’s health as a critical unfulfilled need has been met through this step. The pill is expected to be available to the public by early 2024. 

The pill has been formulated to be a progestin-only contraceptive pill that can help women control unwanted pregnancy and heavy flow during periods. The advisers for the tablet unanimously voted for its approval, which shows a positive movement toward women’s empowerment. 

The manufacturer termed the approval “a significant milestone” towards the well-being of women in the country to make the pill “affordable and accessible.’ 

This comes as a small win for the people who have been tirelessly advocating for the reproductive rights of women in the country alone, with advocates saying “there is still some work to do.” 

President Biden issued an executive order for the Treasury Labor and HHS secretaries to increase access to OTC contraceptive pills. They were also directed last month to ensure that the medications are affordable and available to the patients at no cost. 

Daily-use OTC contraceptive pills are safe when used as directed and more effective than the existing non-prescription ways to prevent unintended pregnancy. On Thursday, the global VP of Perrigo said: “suggested retail price will be communicated in the coming months.” 

It is expected that the prices will be affordable for the general public after the President’s direct order. With more work left on the federal and state levels, regulations on the OTC pills to be covered without cost-sharing is the next step.

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