Blog Plastic Surgery For Men: Are You The Right Candidate

Plastic Surgery For Men: Are You The Right Candidate

Are you an adult male planning to get plastic surgery done in the next few months at a reputable hospital? Do you know what are some precautions you need to take in order to be ready and prepared for plastic surgery for men?

Have you disclosed all the available information to your plastic surgeon including what medications and supplements you consume?

In the past few years, the number of men opting for plastic or cosmetic surgery has increased in a major way. With more men being conscious about the way they look, going for plastic surgery has become easier more than ever.

Technology has made plastic surgery a reasonable option and taken some of the dangers out of the equation. In this article, we are going to discuss some important aspects of plastic surgery for men.

Specifically, we are going to look at what makes the right candidate, some things you need to watch for, and information you need to disclose with your plastic surgeon.


Are you the Right Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

Every kind of surgery carries some or the other form of risk. Some risks get amplified because of a candidate’s medical history or present biological being. Medical experts point out that an adult male can go for plastic surgery if-

  1. They are near their ideal body weight or BMI
  2. Does not smoke or drink heavily
  3. Have a healthy lifestyle, which involves lots of exercising
  4. Are not emotionally depressed or socially pressurized
  5. Understand the risks and complications

Dr. Farrior, a leading plastic surgeon recommends that it is a good idea to stop smoking and drinking in the weeks prior to and after surgery. This helps in the recovery process in a much better way. They also point out that caffeine intake should be reduced as it influences bumping up the blood pressure in some cases.

Heavy smoking and alcohol intake has been found to reverse the effects of cosmetic surgery in several cases. Smokers or heavy drinkers are not ideal candidates for plastic or cosmetic surgery. However, most importantly doctors point out that it is critically important to have realistic expectations.

4 Pre-existing Medical Conditions where you should never go for Plastic Surgery

1. Diabetes-

According to doctors, people who have diabetes and high blood sugar levels should never go for plastic surgery. This is because when someone has sugar, the natural healing property of the body is under severe compromise. Patients with diabetes are also prone to getting body seizures if exposed to surgical stress.

2. Bleeding Disorder (Haemophilia)-

Plastic surgery involves reshaping the physical body by chipping and aesthetically placing natural and artificial tissues. In other words, complicated plastic surgeries often involve a lot of blood loss. Therefore, patients who have a bleeding disorder, clinically known as hemophilia should avoid plastic or cosmetic surgeries at all costs.

3. Depression-

If you are suffering from depression or mental health issues, you should avoid plastic surgery. People with a medical diagnosis of depression feel they may find remedy with cosmetic surgery. However, almost all experts unanimously agree that patients experiencing depression should receive proper counseling and therapy.

4. Heart Condition and High Cholesterol Levels-

Doctors are of the opinion that heart patients who take BP medicines and suffer from high cholesterol levels should avoid plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery involves a lot of stress for the body and the post-operation treatments and steroids are not healthy for a weak heart. If you have a pacemaker or even a small blockage, you should rethink your decision.

The Final Word

While the promise of plastic surgery might look too enticing, it is always good to evaluate all the risks involved. It is also necessary that you have a free, frank, and open discussion with your doctor before proceeding ahead with the surgery. Thus, this will improve your chances of having a successful surgery and eliminate risks if any.

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