Blog FDA Acts On Senator’s Concerns Over PRIME Energy Drink By Logan Paul

FDA Acts On Senator’s Concerns Over PRIME Energy Drink By Logan Paul

The US Food and Drug Administration is actively reviewing concerns about the recently launched energy drink by Youtuber Logan Paul and British rapper KSI. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer highlighted everything wrong with the energy drink, particularly its target audience. 

The beverage is marketed chiefly towards teenagers and young adults who the high caffeine content could harm. The Senator raised the issue first in his letter to the administration. He notified the authorities of the high level of caffeine that “puts Red Bull to shame.” 

The drink contains 200 mg of caffeine, equivalent to twice as much of the popular energy drink. This is alarming, as the FDA puts 400 mg of caffeine as the average amount for adults. 

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However, the US government has regulated caffeine consumption to 65 mg per 12 liquid ounces in beverages. The Canadian government has also raised concerns over the amount of caffeine in the energy drink and is actively working to take the illegal stocks off the shelves. 

The company’s website states that the drink is not recommended for children under 18 and pregnant women, including individuals sensitive to caffeine. Contrastingly, the company’s marketing strategy targets Youtuber’s subscribers, including young children who are easily impressionable. 

The energy drink is also sold without approval in a few Canadian stores. A spokesperson said that the country’s health agency is currently looking into it. 

The non-caffeinated drink from the Youtubers has a similar packaging as the caffeinated variant. Unaware parents might have bought their children the highly caffeinated variant as both variants are marketed similarly. 

The FDA was looking into the concerns raised by the Senator and assured them they would get back to him with a response.

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