Blog Tri-Pseudaphed Tablets Review, Benefits, Side effects, Cost & Is It Safe?

Tri-Pseudaphed Tablets Review, Benefits, Side effects, Cost & Is It Safe?

During the season change, 40% of the people are suffering from common coughs and colds. The symptoms are very mild fever, sneezing, and flu. But if you do not take care of this. The fever lasts for a longer time, and your body takes more time to heal from it. For getting relief from these fever symptoms, you can try the Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet as the self-treating aids.

For ear and nose congestion problems and treating the common cold symptoms, these Tri-Pseudaphed Tablets are compelling. But before taking this OTC product as a healing remedy, take a look at the pros and the side effects of the medicine. Because picking up the wrong products is permanently harming your body rather than healing.

Let’s see first what the Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet is.


What Is Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet?

What Is Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet

Tri-Pseudaphed tablet is a standard fever aid for treating seasonal cough, cold and nasal congestions. In addition, these tablets are commonly used as the OTC product for getting temporary relief from allergic symptoms and runny nose.

The Antihistamines are present in the Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet. So along with the cold symptoms, your allergic symptoms are also taking care of it. This is why this medication is taking care of allergic symptoms like rash and hives along with the flu and cold.

The phagocytic cells of humans are the pseudopod. The white blood cells are responsible for the human immune system. The human mesenchymal stem is an excellent example of a pseudopod. These tablets do not have any effects on the human immune system like the supplement booster. But with this, you can recover from temporary congestion-related health conditions.

  • Popular Names Of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablets

Many companies are now selling Pseudaphed tablets. All of these tablets’ main ingredients are Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride.

Here are the names of Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride tablets:

  • Sudafed Sinus Congestion
  • Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride
  • Sudafed PE Triple Action Oral Tablet
  • Sudafed Decongestant

All of these medicines have Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride in there as the active ingredients. And these medications are all available at any drug store. So you can purchase the product at any time.

Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet Ingredient

Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet Ingredient

Pseudaphed Tablet’s principal active ingredient is Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride. In 80 % of the Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet, the Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride is present as the 60% active ingredient.

  • Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride

This is used to treat nasal congestion and gives the recovery feelings from coughs and colds. Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride is helping you to recover from the cold and allergic symptoms. This ingredient is helping the patients for fast recovery. But it is a temporary relief for the issue.

If the fever has different causes and interlinks. This medication can not help you to recover from the problem. This is because nasal decongestants are causing the narrowing down of the blood vessels in the nasal passages. And this narrowing is the main reason for nasal congestions.

Pseudoephedrine has relieved the symptoms of allergic reactions and gives you a sound sleep. But this is not a sleeping aid.

Pros Of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet

Pros Of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet

Tri-Pseudaphed tablet is a standard over-the-counter product. For treating your flu symptoms, you can take the medicines. For treating the cough and cold, you can take the tablets.

Here are some of the pros of taking the Tri-Pseudaphed tablet:

  • This is an extended effective tablet.
  • The ingredients of products are prevalent and safe.
  • Even the medication side effects chances are meager.
  • The main ingredient is Pseudoephedrine. And this ingredient is working as a decongestant. It narrows the blood vessel’s flow and decreases swelling and congestion.
  • This medication is safe for teenagers and adults.
  • Easy swallowing pills.
  • Within a few hours, you will relieve flu-like symptoms.
  • Get relieved from stuffy noses and sinus pains.
  • Sometimes, the doctors prescribe this medication to recover the pressure changes related to nasal and ear congestions problems.

Pseudaphed tablet is a standard OTC product. But while taking the medication, you have to know which types of cautions you have to maintain. And this medication is not a sleep aid. Hence after taking the drug, you will feel sleepy, but this medicine has serious side effects on children under 6.

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Cons Of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet

Cons Of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet

Tri Pseudaphed tablet is a remedy for cold and fever. The ingredients of the tablet are all safe to use. With the regular dosages, there are a few chances of side effects. But every time, the overuse of the product is always going to have serious side effects.

Here are a few side effects signs of the Pseudaphed tablet:

  • Nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping, and dizziness are the symptoms of overdose of Pseudaphed tablet.
  • If the headaches and nervousness are occurring, you have to stop the medication in the immediate effects.
  • The stomach and abdominal pain with difficulty urinating.
  • Fast and irregular heartbeat.
  • Mood changes.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Allergic symptoms like rash, itching, and swelling, etc.

These are the common overdose signs of Pseudaphed tablets. If you are starting to experience this type of symptom. It is better to consult the problems with doctors and ask for their consultations.

Doses Of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet

Doses Of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet

The Tri Pseudaphed tablet is an easy-going medication. As the ingredients are safe, you can simply buy the product and use it. But before everything, you have to know what are the doses of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet are. And how safely you can take it. For adults and (Over the 12 years )children, 60 (mg) medication is an appropriate dose for every four to six hours.

For children who are under 12 years, the 30 mg medication is a proper dose. 15 mg medication is a proper dose for four to 6 years of age children. But if you are a pregnant and breastfeeding mother. Then ask your doctor before taking the medication.

Avoid using more than the doses. But when you are showing the symptoms of the overdoses, immediately stop the medicine routine and ask the doctor for further guidance.

Prices Of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet

Prices Of Tri-Pseudaphed Tablet

Many OTC Tri-Pseudaphed tablets are available in the market. Here we are telling you the most common few medicines and their prices.

The oral tablet of 30 mg comes with $12. Each of the stips contains 12 tablets. This medicine is available at any place online and offline. But when you are purchasing the medication, do not forget to check the expiry date on the strips. The medicines are all available in this price range; sometimes, the prices vary depending upon the delivery address.


Pseudaphed tablets are readily available and very effective for getting temporary relief. But if the fever comes across with different causes and internal infections are the leading causes of the discomfort, the medicine can not help you. Hence after you take the medications, you will get only temporary relief from nasal and ear congestion. So which treatments are you going to take? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments section.

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