Blog Risk Of Anxiety And Depression Lowered Through Coffee Intake: Study.

Risk Of Anxiety And Depression Lowered Through Coffee Intake: Study.

Research suggests that people who drink at least two to three cups of caffeinated drinks such as coffee are less likely to develop signs of depression or anxiety. This was in comparison to people who did not consume the caffeinated beverage as much as those who consumed it daily. 

The consumption of moderate amounts of the beverage is known to lower risks of type II diabetes, stroke, cancer and chronic liver diseases. 

The researchers have been seeking to understand the relationship between anxiety or depression and drinking coffee. This is due to the prevalence of these mental health issues and the high consumption of coffee. 

According to the CDC, 5% of the adults in America have continued experiencing regular feelings of depression with 13% feeling nervousness, worry and anxiety. The people who drank less than two to three cups of coffee everyday, decreased the risk of anxiety and depression. 

However, the risk of developing these mental health issues were the least in individuals who drank two cups of the beverage daily. The study also noted the increased risk of the issue for people who consumed more than three cups per day. 

The study analyzed nearly 150,000 people from the United Kingdom who had answered a survey on mental health and coffee drinking. The questions were directed towards their habit of sunming the beverage between 2006 and 2010. 

A similar study conducted a few years ago in 2016, participated in answering questionnaires used for the diagnosis of depression and anxiety. These are known as GAD-7 and PHQ-9. 

The questions in these questionnaires are focused on the feelings of the individuals within the past two weeks. For example, the question asks if the person has been disinterested in doing things, or if the person has been feeling bad about themselves. 

Then, 81% of the participants were found to be coffee drinkers who reported their intake to be at least two to three cups daily. The study also concluded that nearly 575 of the coffee-drinkers were women, with the participants being in the 50+ age bracket. 

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