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3 Ways To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Maybe you’ve never really cared about your health before. Or, maybe you have, but you know that you can’t just go and lift heavy weights like you used to – you’re pregnant!

The things you do to stay healthy on your own can greatly differ from what you need during pregnancy. Exercise is different, supplements are more limited, and even your dietary needs are changing.

About the only thing that you can be sure of is that you’ll need to be taking prenatal vitamins now. All these abrupt changes can be overwhelming and confusing, fast. That’s why we’ve got some quick tips on how you can stay healthy while you’re pregnant.

Keep in mind though that you want to always contact your doctor or gynecologist before heeding any general health-related advice during pregnancy.


Here Are 3 Ways To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy:

Healthy During Pregnancy

1. Find the Right Prenatal Vitamin

Back in the 1990s, the phrase “take your prenatal vitamin” struck fear and dread. As if morning sickness on its own wasn’t bad enough, prenatal vitamins used to be referred to as “horse pills” that felt almost impossible to swallow.

This was especially true for anyone dealing with daily nausea. The good news is that prenatal vitamins have come far since the 20th century. They’re now much easier to swallow, and there are many available prenatal vitamin options to choose from.

The main factor you’ll want to consider when choosing the right prenatal vitamin is its absorbability. Make sure that your chosen brand offers a time-release capsule formula, ensuring proper absorption.

Another important factor for many people is gluten and vegan-friendliness. Many capsules are made with gelatin, meaning that they’re not vegan or vegetarian-friendly. There are also many capsules made with gluten which can cause serious issues for those with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

You also definitely want to make sure that your prenatal supplement includes efficient amounts of each necessary ingredient, especially iron and folic acid.

Iron is important for your blood, supplying oxygen to the fetus, while folic acid helps strengthen the neural tube. Sufficient amounts of vitamin D, calcium, and DHA are also important for fetus development and your own health alike.

2. Get the Right Type of Exercise

You can’t be lifting heavy items and running till your lungs burn if you’re pregnant. While you certainly shouldn’t sit still or chill in bed all day (unless you’re dealing with unique health-related circumstances), don’t overdo it, either.

It is typically recommended that pregnant individuals get in at least some form of moderate physical activity each day. This can be as simple as walking at a regular or even slow pace for roughly 30 minutes.

If you get too bored with walking, try doing some pregnancy-friendly yoga poses! Popular poses include the Cat/Cow Pose which can help with lower back pain, the Balancing Table Pose which strengthens your ab muscles, and the Goddess Pose to helps with pelvic floor strength.

These and other pregnancy-safe yoga poses not only keep you active during your pregnancy, but they also help you prepare for the big day – when you go into labor!

3. Eat Healthily to Help You and Your Baby

Prenatal vitamins are great for helping you make sure you get all the nutrients you need during your pregnancy; that said, your nutrition also plays a large factor in your overall health.

To make sure that your body absorbs as many nutrients as possible, you want to include specific items in your diet. As we already mentioned, folic acid and iron are incredibly important during your pregnancy.

To get more of these nutrients in your body, eat plenty of spinach, oranges, nuts, beans, and even cereal. Calcium is important as well and can be found in dairy products, but if you’re dairy-free or vegan, aim for even more of that green leafy stuff – spinach!

Vitamin D is also not the most vegetarian or vegan-friendly vitamin to get into your diet. In addition to taking your prenatal vitamins, try buying some vitamin D-fortified orange juice if you’re a non-meat or dairy consumer.

Many dairy-free kinds of milk are also vitamin D-fortified now. For carnivores and dairy lovers, add fish and milk to your diet for more of the sunshine vitamin. Eggs are also a great source of vitamin D for non-vegans.

One thing that you won’t get from your prenatal vitamins is protein. You likely already know that the most common way to get protein is by eating meat. When you’re pregnant, we recommend healthier meats such as chicken, turkey, and fish.

Vegan and vegetarian folks will want to incorporate lots of nut butter and beans into the mix to gain optimum protein. Throwing a good protein drink or protein bar into the mix can also help!

Nutrition and Physical Activity Go a Long Way!

activities during pregnancy

You don’t need to take several different pills or supplements to stay healthy during your pregnancy. One good prenatal vitamin, daily moderate exercise, and a hearty diet are sure to help keep you and your little one on the right track. Don’t overthink it too much – the fact that you’re even searching for advice shows that you’re on the right track!

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