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How To Have A Fit And Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crazy time in your life. Being pregnant can leave you feeling like a mixed bag of emotions. It is ok to feel scared, daunted, overwhelmed, and excited all at the same time, this is perfectly natural. To ensure that your pregnancy is a healthy and fit time for you there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

In this resource article on pregnancy, we take help from a leading Gynecologist in Dubai. We request her to help with some important pointers that can enable women to have a safe, peaceful and worry-free pregnancy. Please note that all human bodies are made differently and people might experience different levels of results after following the points in the article.


Do Not Eat Too Much:

Do Not Eat Too Much:

Everyone may tell you that you now have to eat for two (or three if you are blessed enough to be pregnant with twins), but this is simply not true. You only need a few extra calories each day in early pregnancy to ensure that your baby’s development is healthy. Eating excess calories early on in pregnancy could lead to problems such as gestational diabetes which can lead to preterm births, so watch what you eat and watch your calorie intake. Quite often you do not need lots of extra calories until the last few weeks or months of pregnancy. Also, it is worth mentioning that at the opposite end of the scale do not try and diet at this time, dieting can impact babies growth, development, and birth weight, so instead of going to the extremes at either end, why not focus on eating a healthy and balanced diet throughout and from the start of your pregnancy.

Take Multivitamins:

Take Multivitamins

More than ever it is essential to ensure that you get the right balance of nutrients, it is vitally important to take a prenatal multivitamin for both the benefit of you and your growing and developing baby. Taking multivitamins will ensure that you can stay healthy all throughout your pregnancy and that you maintain your strength and energy, and that both you and your baby get the better you both need on a daily basis. A good multivitamin should also be considered beneficial for topping up vitamins that you may have lost through any pregnancy sickness.

Do Gentle Exercise:

Gentle Exercise

It is important to keep moving and keep going even if just slowly and steadily. You will be carrying around extra weight which will add pressure to your back, hips, and legs, so it is important not to take up any new vigorous exercises until you have recovered from birth. A gentle stroll or a swim can help relieve any pressure you may be feeling. If you are new to exercise then it is always wise to speak to your doctor before you undertake anything, just to be sure it is safe to do, especially if your pregnancy is classed as “high risk”.

Enjoy Being Pregnant:

Enjoy Being Pregnant

This is a very special time in your life and most of the time pregnancy goes by very quickly, so, where you can, enjoy being pregnant and enjoy resting and putting your feet up with a nice hot drink, as when you have a newborn baby to look after your time will never be your own again, and you will possibly never have a hot drink again – at least until they are in school or daycare. This is especially true and even more important to remember if you also have other children to look after as well. If you are finding yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed, highly worried, or just simply down and not yourself it is important to talk to someone (family or professional) – prenatal depression is as common as postnatal depression and you do not need to suffer alone or through fear of being the only one to ever have these thoughts or feelings.

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