Blog Digital Pregnancy Test – How To Take A Clearblue Pregnancy Test?

Digital Pregnancy Test – How To Take A Clearblue Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy is a solemn gateway to joy after you first find out the positive results of your pregnancy strips. You are never going to forget that moment ever. After receiving the positive result on your pregnancy strips, you are getting the confirmation of beginning your motherhood. So how do you run the pregnancy tests at home? You will get plenty of different brand pregnancy testing kits. But now, you can also perform a digital pregnancy test through Clearblue pregnancy test kits.

Have you ever heard about digital pregnancy kits? Let’s see first what the digital pregnancy kits are.


What Is A Digital Pregnancy Test?

What Is A Digital Pregnancy Test

The digital pregnancy test is an intelligent testing kit to see the pregnancy result. So then, what is the difference between the regular pregnancy strip and the digital pregnancy strips? Of course, everyone likes to get accurate results. But when you are testing through the manual testing strips, sometimes the test kits do not give the correct effect.

Digital pregnancy kits like Clearblue pregnancy test kits give the result in a more accurate level. It provides the digital result. How? The test strip looks like a digital thermometer. The wide holding strap gives more control for the testers. The clear blue pregnancy test kit comes with a smart display system.

Where you can see the easy test progress indicator, you can see all the segment formats with the progress indicator on the smart liquid crystal display LCD. This indicator shows the progress marking until the final records are not appearing on the screen.

When To Take The Pregnancy Test?

When To Take The Pregnancy Test

Digital pregnancy kits like the Clearblue pregnancy test provide accurate results. But all depending upon the right time. You may be feeling a little bit of excitement or anxiety, but you always have to wait for the right time before running a test.

Let’s look and know the best time to take a pregnancy test. The traditional method is when you are late with your period. This means after you miss your period, run the test. The home testing kits are running based on hormonal balance. But for every test, you will have to know the right time of the test.

Run the test five days prior to your period due date, or run the test when you miss your period. To get the correct result, you have to run the test with concentrated urine. This means the morning’s first urine is the best to conduct the pregnancy test. Make sure you keep the test kits handy before your morning first urine.

How Do Digital Pregnancy Tests Work?

How Do Digital Pregnancy Tests Work

After the egg fertilization process, your body starts to produce the HCG. This HCG level doubles within the first three or four days during the early pregnancy time. Through the pregnancy test, you will know the HCG level which is present in your urine.

The digital testing kits provide the most accurate pregnancy tests results. Of course, lab pregnancy blood testing will also give the right result, apart from the digital test. But the smart countdown of the digital pregnancy test shows the test progress result on the unique indicator.

Simple Working Process Of The Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kits

The digital pregnancy test evaluates the HCG level of the urine. And determine the test results. The women can take the test right around 5 to 3 days prior to their period due date.

For conducting the pregnancy test, you only require five minutes. The result will show on your test kit’s display within 3 minutes.

The positive result on the Clearblue pregnancy test kits has been flashing on the strip for around six months. And the negative result is shown on the strip for 24 hours. So Where, the regular home test kits, show the result on the screen for a very few moments.

If you like to share the news with your partner and family members, you must use the digital pregnancy test. The processing indicator shows the result with four liquid crystal displays on the screen.

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests?

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests

Many women are asking about online pregnancy tests. The process is pretty simple to buy any home digital pregnancy test kits online. Then run the pregnancy test. Other easy ways are just visiting your doctor’s chamber and running the pregnancy blood test.

But before running the home-based home testing process, you have to know how accurate the home-based pregnancy test is. When using simple home testing kits, you have a higher probability of having negative results. In the 48% cases, the simple home-based test kits show false results.

This is the reason when you are waiting to hear good news. You must have to purchase authentic test kits like Clearblue pregnancy test kits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How To Know The Clearblue Positive Result?

After you drop the urine on the required space for testing, you have to wait for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Then, you will see a blue line in the control window. The positive result is shown with the symbol a+.

There is no difference between the dark and faint lines. Therefore, when you are going to find the required positive sign on the window, that is sure that you are testing the positive results.

2. How Early Can You Take The Positive Pregnancy Test In Clearblue?

The Clearblue early detection test is possible. In the home-based regular pregnancy kits, you have to wait for at least a few days after you miss your period. But when you are using the Clearblue detect pregnancy kits. You can run the test within six or five days before your expected period date.

3. Is The Clear Blue Gives The False Positive Results?

The success rates are more accurate when you are running the test after you miss your period. But if you like to get the result right before you miss the period. Then you just have to take the test on the clear blue digital pregnancy test kits.

The accuracy level of the test kits is more than 99%. So the testing results are showing a positive result when you are running the test just five or six days before your expected date. False-positive results are merely impossible on the clear blue test.


There is a massive difference between the Clearblue pregnancy test and the regular pregnancy strip test. These kits are more authentic if you like to get the result before you miss your period. So are you waiting to hear the good news? Then use the Clearblue pregnancy test kits to know the result without wasting a single day. Do not forget to share your experiences in the comment sections.

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