Blog Positive Effects Of Stem Cell Treatment Observed In Geneva Patient

Positive Effects Of Stem Cell Treatment Observed In Geneva Patient

In a scientific breakthrough, a middle-aged man with HIV shows positive signs of recovery after being administered stem cell treatment. The European man is the sixth in line to become a patient who has been in remission for a long time after receiving a stem cell treatment. 

The man has been in remission for two years and is yet to be declared “definitely cured” of the disease. Asier Sáez-Cirión, head of the Viral Reservoirs and Immune Control unit at Institut Pasteur, Paris, is overseeing his case. 

The people who had received treatment were those with blood cancer, such as lymphoma or leukemia. The five other people, a few rare ones to have been cured, did not have a donor who was resistant to the virus. 

The man has been dubbed the ‘Geneva Patient’ after the city he received the treatment. The case is remarkable due to the difference in the stem cell donor for this man. The donor did not have a genetic abnormality that gave rise to HIV resistance in the immune cells targeted by the virus for infection. 

The International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science will be held in Australia, where scientists will gather to attend presentations. The presentations will be on various topics related to HIV and AIDS. 

The conference will hear about the success of stem cell treatment, post-treatment control of HIV in infant boys, and the impact of circumcision on the risk of HIV in gay men, along with other topics. 

The viral remission in the sixth patient is being applauded by doctors and scientists alike. Several other patients had received the treatment, but sadly, their bodies showed signs of resurgence. 

The unit workers at the Parisian institute closely monitored the patient through various ultrasensitive tests capable of detecting trace amounts of defective virus. There is still speculation about the causes of this lengthy remission. 

However, the unit head claims that the immunosuppressive drugs taken by the ‘Geneva’ patient could be a contributing factor.

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