Blog Google Doodle Says, “Thank You Coronavirus Helpers”

Google Doodle Says, “Thank You Coronavirus Helpers”

Google Doodle says, “Thank You Coronavirus Helpers.” One of the most popular search engines ‘Google’ on Saturday honored all coronavirus helpers with a creative doodle, featuring doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers, delivery staff, emergency services workers, grocery workers, sanitation workers, and researchers.

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, all of you are at your home, spending time with your family members. However, this is not the case with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers who are continuously helping others to save their life and risking their own. These individuals truly deserve appreciation from us and all over the world. 


How To Say Thanks To The Workers On The Coronavirus Front Lines?

Many people such as celebrities, cricketers, Youtubers, etc., are coming forward to help people suffering from this disease worldwide. So, it’s our duty to appreciate their kindness towards victims and thank them to the fullest.

Now, you can say “Thank You Coronavirus Helpers” in the following ways. Just have a look!

1. Stay Healthy

Stay neat and clean and avoid eating street food at any cost. Don’t risk your life in this pandemic because the scenario is getting worse day by day. No need to step out of your home unless it is necessary. 

However, if you have to go out for urgent work then carry sanitizers, wear 2 masks, and take all the necessary precautions as far as possible. Wash your clothes after reaching home without touching any objects or family members. At the same time, avoid going to crowded places and meeting new people. These steps can minimize the chances of getting infected.

2. Say Thanks Virtually

If you really want to thank coronavirus helpers then value the work that they are doing. Take safety precautions all the time. Support your elders and give them healthy food to eat.

On the other hand, you can use social media to thank the workers virtually. You can draw a card, sing a song for them, and draw a picture of their creation. Encourage your family members too to appreciate their work. Moreover, help your elders to take the coronavirus vaccination.

3. Submit A Short Article To Your Local Paper

If you are truly willing to express your gratitude to the workers on the Coronavirus frontlines, you can submit a short article to your local paper. 

Your article will help the community to recognize the coronavirus helpers who are fighting for you to save your life. Your one step can value their hard work and this truly means a lot to them. Hence, take a step now!

4. Post A Positive Review On Google

Another best way to say ‘thank you coronavirus helpers’ is by posting a positive review on Google or any other online rating system. This way you can pave the way for individuals to find them and use their services.

As already discussed above, you one step forward can value the hard work of the healthcare workers. Besides, you can also send a personal thank you message to them on social media.

5. Donate To A Charity

“Every penny counts” and it does not matter you donated $1 or $10,000. If you also want to join the team of workers who are helping the coronavirus victims, help them financially if possible! 

Or, you can help them to supply the need for oxygen cylinders in your local areas as the shortage of oxygen cylinders is increasing rapidly. Believe me, you can help in several ways if you truly want to. Just think your one help can save someone’s life. 


This is a very tough time for everyone. So, it’s time to get united and help everyone by neglecting caste, religion, color, status, etc. Nevertheless, you can help in a number in a number of ways as described above and acknowledge the hard work of the healthcare system.

“Thank You Coronavirus Helpers, and we appreciate your efforts from the bottom of our hearts” – By Online Health Media

You can also drop your comments below to help them know how much you love and care for them!

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