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7 Ways to Prep Your Skin This Summer

Everybody needs that fresh looking and spotless skin. Achieving this is dependent on how much you are willing and ready to take care of the skin. Especially in the summer, when you will experience pimples break, sunburns, and your skin is much oily. 

Just think of how you schedule that summer vacation by buying yourself that new swimsuit. It will prepare you for the coming season. However, your skin will always need to be ready, as well. For you to have that smooth, gorgeous skin, the need for early preparation is essential. 

The benefit of preparing yourself before the summer is that it will keep your skin on top. This could mean that you will not be needed to put on too many makeups. When you prepare your skin, it would mean less time is spent trying to achieve that glowing look. 

Before summer, it is vital to building up your natural defense against the damages by the sun. Basking a little sun could pose some benefits, it could stimulate the production of vitamin D, and also boost our moods. Too much of this sun could be a great nightmare for your skin. 

Exposure to UV rays is known to be a pivotal contributor to the aging of the skin. Therefore, an integral part of your beauty regime will need the protection of the skin from UV rays. Thus, wearing SPF should be the first line of defense. 

Additionally, certain foods and nutrients are essential in protecting the skin. According to some studies, some antioxidants nutrients offer much protection on the skin. They can also help in reducing sunburns. Since the protective effects of the foods is not that instant, you will always need to start building up at least one to two months before summer. 


Seven ways to prepare your skin for the summer  

Having that healthy and glowing skin in the summer needs early preparations. Below are some of the ways that could help to make your skin ready for the summer. 


It refers to the regular flaking of dead skin to maintain that fresh-looking face. Exfoliation is a significant necessity in grooming, and it could be handy in the summer as well. When you exfoliate in the summer, it means that the worn out and tired calls on the face are being replaced with new essential skin cells. 

When you do this regularly, and most importantly appropriately, this could help in bringing the aesthetic value of the health and charm of the skin. Renewing our skins most often in the summer is necessary as the UV rays affect the skin the most in summer. 

Adequate rest

Enough sleep is essential for body functionality and active metabolism. During resting is when the body is regenerating and repairing. Thus, the relevance of having a minimum of seven hours of sleep cannot be undervalued. 

For this very purpose, the term beauty sleep has been created. Sleep will help increase skin health as our body tissues will restore from the harmful ecological conditions in the summer. The recovery process of the skin should not always be reserved, and it should be permitted to grow naturally. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

It acts as a barrier for the skin. That is, vitamin E acts as a skin shield against the harmful substances that the skin is mainly visible to in the summer. Since it is an antioxidant, it will always help to replenish and renew the dead skin cells facilitating its vigor. 

In addition to that, it increases the effect of SPF in our bodies, especially when you combine them with Vitamin C. The vitamin will mainly be present in the body and thus protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays. 

Hence, it is essential to consume in foods rich in Vitamin E before summer, and it will relay help prevent injuries and the wearing of the skin cells. Your skin will always look glowing and healthy. 


They are aromatic compounds with healing properties. Usually, they can be found in foods like lemon. Terpenes help in revitalizing a dull-looking skin and thus giving it a new healthy skin by refurbishing the replacement cycle in skin cells. 

More so, it helps in suppressing the bacterial growth on the skin. This means that it will assist in the protection of the skin from the bacteria’s that are usually rampant in the summer. The times when the environment is always that conducive due to the warm conditions. 

Makeup detox

Makeup detox

It’s almost summertime, and we want to maintain that glamorous skin. Applying a lot of makeup could be damaging as it will limit the functioning of the skin cells. Because the makeups will cover the pores of the skin, making it hard for the skin to breathe. 

During the summer, laying off the makeup is essential. It is in the summer that our bodies sweat a lot. And when the sweat mixes with the chemicals present in the makeup, they could form a very harmful mixture that could cause blemishes on the skin. 

Chemical-free products  

Chemical-free products  

For you to have and maintain good skin, it will mean that you use chemical-free products. You can consider using the face wash to remove the oiliness from the surface. It will also help to keep our complexion intact whereby it will not allow the skin to be tainted with impurities. 


When it comes to making the skin moist, hydration is vital. Hydration of the skin refers to the regular consumption of water and also keeping the skin well moisturized and healthy in the summer. For you to have glowing skin, you need to take in a lot of water .it will facilitate the formation of new, more youthful skin cells. 

Also, when you use good moisturizers for the skin, this would help to maintain that glow of the skin. It will make the skin look healthier in its appearance and functionality. So, for the efficiency and effectiveness of our bodies internally and externally water is crucial. 


Does the oncoming summer season worry you? Do you have that feeling that your ones natural glowing and healthy skin is going to be damaged? Worry less. These seven tips above are the best means you can use in taking care of your skin. 

They entail every aspect of skin health, help the skin protection against the UV rays, and will keep the skin very perfect and healthy. 

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