Blog 5 Tips For Encouraging PPE Compliance

5 Tips For Encouraging PPE Compliance

Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to the equipment or protective clothing that people wear to shield themselves from external germs, injury, infection, or any other direct contact with illnesses. This equipment or protective clothing includes items like helmets, face shields, face masks, goggles, and other protective garments. PPE can protect you from various hazards, including heat, chemicals, electrical, physical, airborne particulate matter, or biohazards.

Wearing PPE is considered a hassle by some people and is often described as unnecessary. However, using PPE should not be taken lightly. PPE helps reduce the spread of illness and makes environments, particularly health care facilities, safer.

Furthermore, there are ways to encourage people to wear PPE and comply with all the rules. Some of these are discussed below and these could be the methods you’ve been looking for.


1. Explore The Importance Of PPE:

For many people, it can be difficult to engage in a new practice willingly and intentionally when they don’t know much about it. Some don’t understand the significance of PPE nor what it even stands for. It’s important to provide details surrounding the benefits of each component of a PPE.

Different environments use PPE in various ways and some people tend to shun the idea of even wearing one. For example, some business owners may not find this practice useful, for the reasons that they’re not a medical facility, and that they observe proper social distancing. Hence, what’s the use of wearing one?

It’s important to educate the people who work within your environment or workspace and raise awareness that PPEs are essential in all establishments. Whether you’re working in a dental clinic utilizing Primo Dental gloves, PPE, and more, or you’re in a surgery space working with heavy-duty protective garments—the variations in PPE exist for a reason, which is safety.

It’s also crucial to explain the importance of PPE clearly because using it can, on a large scale, save the world. Right now, the world is in a pandemic and state of emergency. Wearing PPE can reduce the spread of deadly and contagious viruses.

One can discuss and emphasize the importance of PPE by setting up a mandatory information session. You could also display informative signs in various areas, such as the workplace. The more people are aware, the more chances of containing the viruses.

2. Make Sure PPEs Are Worn Properly:

2. Make Sure PPEs Are Worn Properly:

Most people refuse to comply with the rules, especially on wearing PPE, because they find it uncomfortable. However, little did they know that such discomfort may stem from the incorrect use of the equipment. When you wear the equipment incorrectly, you may experience discomfort because something could be poking your side or other parts of your body when it’s not supposed to.

You should incorporate this topic into your instruction session where you clearly explain how each item of PPE is supposed to be worn. You should also explain how it should be cleaned after use.

Moreover, you should also elaborate on the proper sizing and placement of the PPE. If people are more informed about these matters, then they should likewise feel more encouraged and comfortable about wearing PPEs consistently.

3. Get Input From People:

When people are actively involved in doing and promoting something, they’re more likely to have a better level of continued participation. It’s important to solicit input from people in different departments. Inclusion is one of the most important aspects of a workspace.

Conduct surveys or ask people about how they feel about the PPE and you might eventually encounter useful feedback that can help you impose the rule more effectively. This way, you can tailor your approach according to the feedback of your employees or colleagues. The value and modernization of PPE standards can be better explored in an inclusive and collaborative environment.

People can also become more actively involved through mandatory staff engagement boards. For example, you can put up a board in your workplace where people can provide reasons as to why PPE is important to them. Through this, they will continuously realize the value of PPE and this may help keep them motivated in complying with the pertinent rules.

4. Be A Good Example:

4. Be A Good Example:

Whether you’re a manager or someone who wants to motivate people to wear PPE, you should always represent your movement. If you’re continuously trying to encourage people to wear PPE and you don’t even wear one or perhaps wear it incorrectly, people won’t take you seriously. However, if you’re a person who educates people about PPE and wears one consistently and without fail, people may be motivated to wear them too.

When you wear these garments and protective gear, you’re also showing people the effects of wearing PPE and the benefits attached to it. Leading by example is a good way to encourage people to engage in PPE compliance. Remember, you should always practice what you preach.

5. Have Progressive Discipline And Monitoring:

5. Have Progressive Discipline And Monitoring:

Some places are very high risk for illnesses and wearing PPE has to be highly encouraged, if not required. In these cases, you might want to get involved in progressive discipline. Progressive discipline is a process that involves the assessment of a job-related problem in hopes of achieving improvement and better quality of work.

Engaging in the progressive discipline of violations will allow people to wear PPE daily and slowly realize its importance. You could also get involved in the monitoring and imposition of the policies. This can be done by checking whether everyone is following the policies consistently within the premises.

Doing this will also allow you to collect statistics and present positive results for people to understand the benefits of wearing PPE and its proper use.

Encouragement Is Key To Success:

Perhaps these pieces of advice are what you need to guide and encourage people to comply with the PPE standards. Due to the technological developments in the health industry and the increase in the level of education, there’s a constant drive towards PPE compliance.

Many people fail to realize the importance of PPE in protecting people and saving their lives. However, when they are motivated and aware of something they have to do, they will consistently do so even without constant supervision.

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