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7 Simple and Greatest Home Remedies For Dry Socket

Dry socket is also known as alveolar osteitis. It mainly occurs after you have your tooth removed. Usually, it occurs when the blood clot that protects the nerves and bones below become dislocated after the removal. 

When this happens, it can leave the nerve endings and the underlying bones exposed. More so, it will always allow the wounds to become filled with debris and foods, thus causing infections. 


What are the Symptoms of a Dry Socket? 

Whenever you have your tooth removed, whitish bone is always going to appear instead of dark blood clots. This makes you feel pain, and when left unattended to the pain can still become even more severe. 

The other symptoms associated with dry socket include a foul smell from the place where the tooth was extracted and a throbbing pain. 

The Causes of Dry Socket

When it comes to the vital cause of dry socket, more research needs to be done. However, the most common reasons could be; 

  • Trauma at the surgical site
  • Difficult or complicated extractions, such as an impacted wisdom tooth
  • Bacterial infection
  • Using oral contraceptives
  • Having a history of a dry socket after the tooth was pulled
  • Corticosteroids usage
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Smoking

The Risks and Side Effects  

When you have a dry socket, the pain is always that severe to an extent you cannot just ignore. However, when the condition is not treated, this could lead to more could lead to more delayed healing, which means additional care and attention will be needed until healing occurs. 

When you fil to attend to the socket, it could be infected with more bacteria. This thus could lead to the spread of the infection to your bones. When you get infections, then the need for intravenous and oral antibiotics will be essential to prevent the disease from further spreading. 

When it comes to the risks associated with the use of home remedies, allergic reactions could be the only one. Therefore before deciding to use a particular treatment it could be safe for you to talk to your doctor first. 

Home Remedies for Dry Socket  

Since the dry socket is always a key concern for almost everyone, the need for having it solved is necessary. Apart from the use of medications, these natural and simple home remedies could be the best 

1. Apple cider Vinegar 

Apple cider Vinegar 

It plays a significant role in preventing further infections in the area where the tooth was extracted since it contains the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial elements.  

Make a mixture of the same ratio between the cider vinegar and water. Use the combination as a mouth wash for two to three times daily. 

You can choose another alternative where you can soak a cotton swab in the mixture and apply it to the area with a dry socket. Leave it there for ten minutes twice daily. 

2. Clove oil 

Clove oil  

It has the anesthetic value, which helps in reducing pain, thus making it one of the best treatments for dry socket. 

What needs to be done is soaking a piece of cotton in the clove oil. Putting the cloth in your dry socket for roughly one minute. You will then be needed to take out the cotton ball and rinse with warm water. Ensure to do this several times a day for effectiveness. 

3. Garlic  


Garlic is anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. These properties make it reduce the pain from the dry socket in the teeth and gums. It also protects you from getting further infections. 

You can take the garlic clove and chew it with your teeth. The garlic juice that will be spreading in your mouth will help the pain to decrease gradually. After five minutes, you can always remove the clove and rinse off using warm water. 

 You can also choose to make a paste of the garlic and add some little salt. Apply the paste on the place where the tooth was removed and leave it there for about thirty minutes. Afterward, rinse the mouth with warm water. Do this regularly until the pain fades away. 

4. Tea tree oil  

Tea tree oil  

Since tea tree oil is antiseptic, it could be a cure for dry socket more effectively. When you use the oil, it can also protect you from getting infections of gums and teeth when impurities are clogged. 

 What you need to do is take a cotton ball and soak it in water for it to get moistened, then you can add either one or two spoons of tea tree oil to the cotton. You can then press the cloth to the area that is affected more gently. 

 For about five minutes, remove the ball from the area and rinse the mouth with warm water. Do this twice or thrice a day for effective results. 

5. Saline water rinse  

After having your tooth removed, rinsing the mouth with warm salty water after twenty-four hours could be that helpful. It will help you avoid getting other infections and also relieving of pains that could be caused by the dry socket. 

The saline mouth rinse is an excellent remedy after you remove a tooth. Ensure to use it at least two times a day. All you take a glass of warm water and to it add a half spoon of salt. Ensure you stir till the mixture dissolves and use the mix as a mouth wash. 

6. Black tea bag  

Black tea bag

 The black tea bag is very unusual and convenient when it comes to curing the dry socket. It is mainly due to the presence of its antibiotic property that helps to ease the pain. 

First, you will need to soak the tea bag in a glass of hot water. After five minutes, you can remove the excess water and refrigerate the tea bag for fifteen minutes. You can then have it removed and place it on the dry socket. 

Place the tea bag between your teeth for about ten minutes. Remove it and use the tea to rinse off. You need to do it frequently until you get the result.  

7. Turmeric


Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic herb. These properties make it very essential in treating dry socket as it will not only ease the pain but also make the recovery process quicker. 

To half a spoon of turmeric, you can add little milk or water. Using a cotton pad, soak it in the concentration and apply it to the area where the dry socket has developed. After twenty minutes, you can remove the cotton and rinse off your mouth with warm water. 

Also, you can choose to add a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of warm water. Swirl your mouth with the mixture several times a day till the pain disappears. 


Dry socket can be that painful. Whenever you see the setting in of the symptoms, you must seek medical care. Since when left untreated it could be that severe. When you use the treatments, then dry socket responds more quickly. 

Have you or do you experience a dry socket problem? Apart from using medications, you can choose to utilize the above home remedies to help manage the pain and symptoms.

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