Blog Daily Skin Care Tips That Will Make You Look 5-10 Years Younger

Daily Skin Care Tips That Will Make You Look 5-10 Years Younger

When it comes to keeping your skin look younger then prevention is better than cure. Are you turning thirty? It is one of the best times of your life full of fun with a little more maturity. It is also one of those times that taking care of the skin are important to avoid experiencing any skin problems. 

Since you are growing up, your skin will be growing up as well. It means that it is going to need some adult care to deal with adult skin matters. When you experience dark circles, uneven skin or pigmentation, they are signs that your skin is having adulting concerns. 

Also, as we get older, it’s just a fact that we will try fighting off the aging effects such as wrinkles. It may sound being a very difficult task. However, it is all about following the basics and ensuring that you are keeping your skin well-nourished at all times. 


Know What Your Skin Type Is?  

Knowing your skin type helps in choosing the right products and methods to take care of your skin. Going for a consultation will inform you on your skin type as well as detect any particular skin concerns that you may have.

The common skin types are:

  1. Normal skin: Clear skin that does not burn or sting after product use.
  2. Sensitive skin: you will feel a burning or itching sensation.
  3. Dry skin: this type of skin is rough, itchy and flaky.
  4. Oily skin: this type of skin is greasy and shiny most of the time.
  5. Combination skin: This skin type has dry and oily areas on the skin.

Skincare Tips to make you look younger  

To help to keep off the unpleasant changes on your skin and the wrinkles, you need daily routine care. Here is a list of the various skin care tips to incorporate into our daily routines and we shall all look five to ten years younger. 



When you exercise regularly this helps in improving your overall body health. When the body functions well and gets all it needs, it will be able to keep your skin healthy. By keeping your skin more healthy, then this is a guarantee that you are going to need very little care.  

You will not spend much money trying to purchase the products to care for the skin. Thus the skin will always be healthy through the natural means. 



As you start aging, the skin responds by losing moisture and becoming dry. It does not matter the type of skin, even the oily ones can start experiencing similar changes. And due to this, it calls the need to keep your skin more hydrated and moisturized. 

To add more moisture to the skin, then you need to increase your moisturizers by getting intense oil-based moisturizers. Since skin hydration is one key aspect to keep the skin look younger and healthy, make sure you are keeping it as a high priority.  



Having enough sleep is very necessary when it comes to having healthy skin. It will help the skin remain younger .it is the reason why people call it beauty sleep. 

However, there are always a few things that one can do while sleeping to help the skin look more healthy and younger. First, you can choose to sleep on your back and have an intense evening routine that will be using products that are soaking into your skin overnight. 

Second, you can choose to sleep on your stomach or side. It will help to push your skin up against the mattress and pillows which could be stretching the avoid wrinkles, you should always keep your face off the pillows. 



since the skin will loosen at one point in time and may have the dark circles due to aging, it will always be a good idea looking into an under-eye serum .this will help to add a little more protection to your skin and tightening up the under-eye area as well as fading the dark spots. 

It is thus one important aspect that you need to consider much. Because eyes that appear to be tired can always make you look even older. When you have a good under-eye serum, then this can work wonders towards keeping the skin healthier and younger. 

Also, you can choose using an eye massager. It will help in achieving the best results with your daily routine as well. 

Retinoid and retinol 

When you use these products on your skin, they help in offering amounts of vitamin A to the skin. The vitamin makes the skin have a glowing and healthy appearance. 

These products can be bought over the counter or you can get them from the doctor depending on your need. Always start with a milder retinol product and as you work your way up, you can choose something stronger. 

Sun exposure  

Sun exposure  

The sun rays can hurt your skin. Your skin may be dehydrated, look old, have sun spots, and even have wrinkles as it starts losing its ability to fight the sun rays.  

To avoid these conditions, it is necessary to take care of the skin and this will mean,  

  •         Seeking shade –always try to avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. During these times the sun rays are always stronger.
  •         Use sunscreen- using sunscreen is always very important regardless of age. But when you become older then it becomes even crucial.  Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. You can then apply sunscreen more often when swimming or perspiring after about two hours. 
  •         Wear protective clothing –you can cover yourself with long pants, wide-brimmed hats, and tightly woven long-sleeved shirts. You can also choose considering the laundry additives, which will give the clothing an additional layer of ultraviolet protection.

However, by protecting yourself from the sun rays, it will mean that you are not only preventing wrinkles, but also skin cancer. 

Stay hydrated  

For you to stay more hydrated you need to take in a lot of water, leafy vegetables and fruits that could add water ensuring your skin looks good. You can add lime or lemon to the water for extra enhancement. 

Also, make sure you spend a few minutes in the shower and use lukewarm water to avoid the skin from drying. Moreover, you can use a moisturizing body wash for a protective moisture barrier for the skin. 



 What you are getting into your body may be as well essential what you are putting on your skin. Ensure that you maintain a healthy diet full of vegetables and fruits. They can help you stay healthy while offering plenty of minerals and vitamins that aid in keeping the skin healthy. 

Avoid taking in a lot of grease and sugar. They could be unhealthy for your skin. For you to provide a healthy balance then you need to keep everything under moderation. 

Pamper yourself  

When it comes to the pampering of the skin, then it is the most fun part. Since skincare will take quite some time, you can always have some days where you go to a spa or apply a nice mask on your own. It will give the kin some quality care while relaxing. 

When you do this at least once a week, then it will help you battle the daily life stresses while taking care of the skin. Also, you can consider enjoying a nice bath with the essential oils or any other products that could take care of your skin. 


When it comes to the point of taking care of your skin, this needs effort from both within and outside. You need to try and maintain good health through exercise, hydration, and nutrition. These will help you live longer, look healthier and younger. 

Also, you can use stronger products to help the skin looking young and smooth. Try avoiding sun exposure and increase vitamin A application. With all these, the skin will maintain a glowing, and youthful appearance regardless of your age. 

Try out these tips, and you will for sure testify that age is just a number. You will look 5-10 years younger your actual age. 


What Are The Basics Of Skin Care?

The basics of skin care include protecting the skin from sun damage, moisturizing your skin thoroughly, drinking appropriate amounts of water and being patient. It is also important to remember that you do not overdo anything on your skin- especially avoid over scrubbing.

What Are The Most Important Steps Of Skin Care?

The most important steps of skin care are cleansing, toning, moisturizing and using a good SPF sunscreen. Additional steps that could be added as per your skin type and concern are: using serums after toning your skin- such as vitamin C, niacinamide, retinol etc.  

Why Can’t I Get Rid Of My Tan?   

Getting rid of a tan is not a quick process unless the sun damage is minimal. When the cells are exposed for a long time to harsh radiation, the damage can be severe. The discoloration does not fade and requires professional attention.

Can I Use Lemon Juice For My Tan?   

No, lemon has a high acidity and bleaching properties which can further damage the skin. Professionals recommend against the use of lemon directly on the skin, so it is advised that you do not use this as a self-remedy.

How To Get Glowing Skin?   

The glow in a skin is either genetic or comes from taking very good care. For you to get a glow in your skin, you may follow the simple steps of keeping your face and diet clean. The use of exfoliation, face pack and skin care products helps in restoring a suppleness and glow.

Is it necessary to have a 10-step skin care routine?   

No, it is not necessary to maintain a 10-step skin care routine for you to have healthy skin. Following the basic steps of skin care- cleansing, moisturizing, scrubbing (twice a week), and applying sunscreen religiously.

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