Blog Arietis Health Data Breach! Patients Data Compromised

Arietis Health Data Breach! Patients Data Compromised

On October 2, 2023, Arietis Health, a Florida-based healthcare revenue cycle management company, filed for an Arietis Health data breach with the attorney general of Texas. To their horror, they recently discovered suspicious activities on their file transfer application called MOVEit. Unauthorized members got hold of the patient’s confidential data. This led to the company, unfortunately, concluding that an external party hacked their system.

The array of information that this unauthorized party was getting a hold of is the patient’s name, date of birth, and health information. To the patient’s and company’s horror, these records also had the patient’s social security number, address, driver’s licenses, and the numbers on their state identification cards.

A National Consumer Rights Law Firm, Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP, is investigating the matter on behalf of Arietis Health. In fact, upon completing their initial investigation, every patient availing their services has been alerted.

Are You A Patient Of Arietis Data Breach?

If you are a clientele of the Arietis Health Revenue Management services and have received this notification, we advise you not to panic. There is already an investigation that protects the data from any further breach. Thus, you do not have to worry about any further damage.

You can also call your own data breach lawyer, who can help you understand the nitty gritty of a medical data breach. Moreover, you will be eligible for compensation in case of a major confidentiality breach.

The company has insisted every patient should get legal advice if they can access their option following the Arietis Health data breach on MOVEit.

A Timeline Of Arietis MOVEit Data Breach

This is not the first time we have heard about this data breach. In fact, according to sources, this is an update from the first alert on May 31, 2023. 

Arietis Health is known for providing NorthStar Anesthesia a data management and billing service. When they heard about the data compromise for the first time, Arietis Health immediately patched the server. Thus, they began their work with a cybersecurity company to understand the issue further.

They confirmed the breach on July 6, 2023, and notified the team about unauthorized access. These were files of patients from the NorthStar Anesthesia unit. (Source: JDSUPRA)

In the recent update, the revenue and billing management software team is still working on reviewing the compromised file. Especially the patient data, which are at a volatile stage.

The investigative team has provided a list including the patients and the respective data breaches.

That was the last update from the team Arietis Health data breach investigation team. You will hear from us again when we find any further news regarding the data protection procedure.

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