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Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Mushroom

“Mushroom is not only purposeful in medicinal use but also a nutritious, delicious vegetable.”

Fascinatingly mushroom, a fungi species finds its way from being a threat to human life to being a useful vegetable with numerous nutrients that are required by the human body. In fact, the mushroom is one of the most promising foods with the most health-promoting nutrients. Mushrooms are a great source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, protein, and fibers. Mushroom has risen from being a medicine to a vegetable that can actually be fed on and promote a healthy life. It is popular for its versatility. Not only can it prevent the risk of some diseases but can also be used to treat others.


All You Need to Know About the Mushroom

Mushroom, like a fungus, is believed to have been cultivated for the first time in Asia the year 600. It is quite interesting how the mushroom was discovered by a melon farmer in his growth fertilizer and who decided to cultivate it. Mushroom belongs to the family of Agaricaceae. Not all mushrooms are edible, but their edibility can be established in terms of lack of poisonous effects, pleasing taste and aroma. There are quite a lot of fleshy, delicious edible mushrooms.  Actually, it has been established that approximately 50% of mushrooms are edible.  Quite evident that there are toxic and non- toxic mushrooms, so to avoid jeopardizing your health check out mushrooms from the best stores.

Mushroom has many essential nutrients that may help prevent various diseases like cancer and diabetes, support a healthy immune system, promote heart health and help have a successful pregnancy. Mushroom is low in carbs, calories and has high amounts of fiber, just perfect deal for everyone in a weight-loss mission.  

Also, consuming mushroom will give you a type of energy that you might be missing may be why you are always getting fatigued after simple tasks.  It contains a considerable amount of vitamin B, vitamin B complex provides you with energy and help repair damaged cells. This article will teach you about all the benefits of mushroom, nutritional content and ways to add it to your diet.

Benefits of Mushroom; Nutrition Profile

Being the only vegetable that can convert vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, similar to human beings, it stands out. 

Here is a list of nutrient constituents for every cup of mushroom;

      • Fiber – 21.1 
      • Sugars- 1.98g
      • Calories- 21.2ucg
      • Proteins- 3g
      • Sodium- 4.8mg
      • Copper- 305mcg
      • Zinc- 0.5mg
      • Calcium- 2.9mg
      • Iron- 0.5mg
      • Magnesium- 8.6mg
      • Potassium- 305mg
      • Selenium- 8.9 mcg
      • Phosphorous – 82.6mg
      • Carbohydrates- 3.1 g
      • Vitamin C- 2.0mg
      • Vitamin D- 0.2mg
      • Folate- 16.3mcg

Health Benefits of Mushroom

As much as the thought of eating a fungus may have you cringing, you need to move past the toxic notion and focus on the brighter side.  The health benefits that the mushroom posses are so unmatchable that even the slightest thought of it being a fungus should be sabotaged. Mushroom is a storehouse of endless nutrients. These include; vitamin A, C, D, calcium, sodium, potassium, protein, antioxidants e.t.c.  Effective in roles such as; gut health & blood sugar level control. Mushroom ensures a generally healthy body.

1. Promotes Heart Health

Promotes Heart Health

Despite the love most of us have for red meat, especially roast red meat, it is a dish we need to rethink the risks it poses. Consumption of red meat introduces harmful amino acids that may trigger an attack of coronary artery disease. The good news is you do not have to consume the red meat all the time because there is a white “meat” mushroom which can compensate for the red meat dismissal. This will save you from the danger of contracting coronary disease.  The fiber found in mushrooms helps lower the levels of cholesterol, balancing the level of bad LDL and good HDL cholesterol fundamental in reducing the risks of cardiovascular heart diseases.

2. Prevents Diabetes

Mushroom is characterized by high fiber content, low calories, and carbs, nutrients that normally favor diabetes patients. A water-soluble fiber known as beta-glucan found in mushroom have been found capable of managing blood sugar levels hence reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. A study shows that people consuming a lot of fiber may have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who didn’t. While for those already with it, fiber nutrients may help reduce glucose levels.  An approximate 33.6g of fiber consumption is recommended by Dietary Guidelines for American. Here is where we say that “if you can’t beat them then join them” if the diet regulators recommend intake of fiber, why else wouldn’t you include mushroom which is rich in it in your diet?

3. Anti-Cancer

The benefits of Mushroom include being a great source of selenium, an antioxidant that may eliminate free radicals and cancerous cells that cause breast, lung and prostate cancer. Moreso, the mushroom has a class of protein known as lectins which have an ability to bind abnormal & cancer cells then let the immune system destroy them. Besides, various types of mushrooms have been found to contain anti-tumor compounds. You can agree with me that anyone would do all it takes to reduce the chances of this fatal disease.  Eating broccoli and many other nutritious foods may help you live a healthy life free of cancer and other diseases.

4. Aids in Weight Loss

Aids in Weight Loss

Packed with multiple nutrients, low fats, carbs and calories, the mushroom is the perfect vegetable to help you achieve your weight goals. These nutritional benefits of Mushroom result in regulated blood sugar and cholesterol levels ideal for individuals trying to lose weight. Also, it is rich in water and fiber beneficial for weight loss. Research shows that consumption of mushrooms may help regulate glucose levels which may help working out individuals stay energized longer and effectively manage their weight loss.  This is because of the vitamin B complex present in the mushroom that helps the body utilize maximum energy from the food consumed. As well as produce red blood cells which are oxygen carriers making you stay put for long avoiding body crash.

5. Boosts Immune System

Boosts Immune System

Beta-glucan and lentinan are excellent immune-boosting nutrients found in mushrooms. Great combination of vitamins A, B, C helps fight diseases and prevent an attack of others, thus strengthening the body’s immune system. Some studies suggest that mushroom is the richest dietary source of an antioxidant known as ergothioneine powerful in protecting the body from the effect of harmful free radicals and oxidative stress hence promoting a better immune system.

A healthy, strong immune system is the prime driving force for every living individual. With a weak immune system, you are prone to diseases, minor bacteria and virus attacks. Improve your immune system and rejuvenate your body cells with a mushroom dish.

6. Promotes Bone Health

Just like humans, mushroom, especially the shiitake, has an exclusive ability to make their own vitamin D when exposed to UV rays. This vital vitamin is crucial for bone & muscle strength because it helps bodies absorb calcium which is thus responsible for strong bones. High intake of mushroom will provide you with the right amounts of vitamin D essential in maintain a proper bone density and may protect your bones from fracturing when you accidentally hit surfaces. Moreover, if you have high vitamin D levels, you are at a lower risk of having arthritis, osteoporosis, and osteomalacia. Having you’re your knuckles cracking all the time, Knee pains and generally weak bones? Mushroom is the key!

7. For Anti-aging Purposes

Having a long healthy life is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, we are living in a period where this is almost an illusion due to the many lifestyle diseases outbreak. In addition, poor dieting is more popular, junks and fizzy drinks are highly preferred to fruits and vegetables. All these are factors that are gradually leading us to an earlier grave, not to mention the high levels of body cell deprivation in quality.

To reverse or protect yourself from these poor modern lifestyles, embrace healthy eating habits. Include nutritious foods like mushrooms in your meal. Among the benefits of Mushroom is that it’s a high dense nutritive vegetable with antioxidants that fight oxidative stress and free radicals that damage cells and cause cell deterioration hence signs of wrinkles and other aging signs. Furthermore, the mushroom has high potassium content necessary in reducing high blood pressure which causes deadly conditions like stroke.

8. Protects Your Brain and Boost Memory

Boost Memory

As people age, they tend to have a series of forgetting and memory lapses. What’s interesting is that studies have shown that antioxidants ergothioneine and glutathione stimulates brain growth and prevent brain cell damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Eating mushrooms may help reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

9. Anti-inflammatory Effects

The benefits of Mushroom are many. This great antioxidant in mushroom has super effects all round, including lowering inflammation in the body. Particularly load up reishi type of mushroom in your diet to reduce inflammation in your body.

Eating Habits

Supplements are becoming a common nutrient remedy individuals are turning to. These supplements may not, however, be always 100% natural and may contain binders and additives. Settle on natural nutrients foods like mushrooms.  Always remember that mushrooms should be consumed while still fresh to avoid toxicity.

There are a number of ways you can drench the mushroom’s nutrients. Health benefits of Mushroom can be accessed as shown below:

      • Roasting mushrooms can be heated over high heat levels in an oven are so tasty. You may consider glazing them with garlic or soy to create a more savory taste and sauce.
      • Mix ingredient mushrooms can be mixed with meat as a complement to it. Ensure the mushrooms blend well with the other ingredients.
      • Make pasta in side dishes like pasta sauces, add well-cut pieces of mushroom to add more flavor and texture.
      • Sautéed put a little amount of oil, especially olive oil and let it heat under low heat. Add garlic and other seasonings you like and finally put your mushrooms and leave them to simmer until they are tender.
      • Stewed cook mushrooms until the waters it has is reduced and serve hot with whatever you like.
      • Stuffed you do this by adding different ingredients in a mushroom and bake them. Super delicious!
      • Use it as a base Portobello mushroom caps can be used as a base for amazing lasagna.
      • Gravy use cream and Masala to make nutritious mouthwatering gravy.
      • Soup make a flavored mushroom soup with the best mushrooms like shiitakes from your trusted store.
      • As appetizers mushrooms make deliciously wonderful appetizers 
      • In burgers you can use mushroom caps to ‘cap’ your burger.

Risks and Precautions

While it can make a very nourishing savory dish and the benefits of Mushroom are numerous t has some disadvantages. Keep up with the article to keep you on a safe side while planning to consume mushrooms.

Not all mushrooms are edible; hence you might be unfortunate to consume one which is not. Poisonous mushrooms have very toxic substances that may adversely affect your health. To avoid such issues, check out mushrooms from a reliable source.

Why We Recommend

Mushrooms are low in carbs, calorie, cholesterol making it ideal in fulfilling a ‘hearty’  weight loss. They are powerful antioxidant sources, therefore, they support a healthy immune system and in general, a healthy body.  The high nutrients composition in mushrooms makes it fit for human composition and delivers essential health benefits of Mushroom comprising of bone health, brain development, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, pregnancy health, and heart health.

Bottom Line

Mushroom is a distinct fungus that is flavorsome, appealing while cooked and highly healthful just what the doctor ordered, for all you need to accomplish the daily recommended vegetable intake. It is a rich source of antioxidants that play a great role in breaking down free radicals that damage body cells and blood vessels causing diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, osteoarthritis, autism, etc.

The benefits of Mushroom are not only many but varied. Mushroom is a good supply of vitamins C, D and B. these nutrients form a dominant consistent ‘blockade’ to illness that is the heart and bone-related. Notably, the mushroom is a special kind of vegetable that lacks the green coloring matter in other vegetables but is the only veggie that has vitamin B12 that is only available in animal flesh. It makes a good constituent for vegetarians who might be lacking that special vitamin. Also, it is the only vegetable that can generate vitamin D by itself when it is exposed to sunlight. 

To avoid problems, buy your mushroom from a reputable store. Now you are fully packed and can get yourself mushrooms for dinner.  Enjoy the healthy benefits of mushroom by employing the best method in cooking today!

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