Blog Bengaluru Health Survey To Include Covid-Related Data For The Entire Population

Bengaluru Health Survey To Include Covid-Related Data For The Entire Population

In a few months, the onset of October will bring an expansive survey that includes the deaths and expenditures of families in Bengaluru. The survey will consist of at least 26,000-odd households in the entire state. 

The health survey is expected to include the expenditure incurred by the families “out-of-pocket” due to the pandemic. Laksmana also renewed the health indicators that the study will consider to have deaths related to Covid. On Monday, the National Family Health Survey 6, project director CM Lakshmana said that the survey will be conducted for the two parts of Karnataka- the North and South. 

Due to the size of the state, it was divided into these two sections for accessible data collection. The process to conduct this survey in the South of the state was won by the Population Research Centre at Institute for Social and Economic Change or the ISEC, where Lakshmana is a professor. 

The professor said that the survey is set to be conducted in South Karnataka between October-November of this year. Where the results could take a year to be published. The survey will also include questions related to vaccination coverage, hospitalization, and treatment, among the other two indicators highlighted above. 

The parameters said to be tested in the survey also included the height and weight of children between 0-59 months. As well as for women aged between 15-49 and men aged between 15-54. Lakshmana added that the blood glucose levels and dried blood spot samples will also be collected for Hepatitis B, C, and HIV testing. 

The health indicators will also include testing cooking salts for iodine and the prevalence of stress-induced diabetes. The observational data will also have anemia in children, as nearly 40% of the children in the state are anemic.

Chamarajanagar and Ramanagara have also been included among the districts covered for the survey.

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