Blog Everything About CVS Covid Testing – Price, Procedure, Duration, FAQs, More

Everything About CVS Covid Testing – Price, Procedure, Duration, FAQs, More

The pandemic situation has been going on for almost 3 years across the world. None of us have any idea about when this situation will come to an end. Amidst this condition, COVID Testing and Rapid Testing have become two important search terms on the internet. Especially, people residing in the United States are looking for detailed information about CVS Covid Testing.

Are you also the one searching for crucial information about the CVS Covid Test? We have got this covered here. Starting from the methods, price, duration to FAQs, we will solve all of your queries regarding Covid Testing CVS COVID testing over here.

So stay tuned with us and keep reading.


How Much Is Covid Testing CVS?

How Much Is Covid Testing CVS

Price or cost is one of the main concerns when it comes to CVS COVID testing. It’s because of a plethora of black market techniques hovering all over the world regarding the price charged for the COVID test. However, CVS is fair and transparent enough in these respects. The cost for CVS covid testing in the lab is $139. This includes $39 for the MinuteClinic Visit and $110 for the independent lab process.

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CVS Covid Testing Offering Three Over-The-Counter For Home Use

CVS Covid Testing Offering Three Over-The-Counter For Home Use

Last year, CVS Health announced three over-the-counter COVID 19 tests to start both online and at the drugstores. The main reason behind this initiative is the reopening of the educational institutions and offices. Eventually, this calls a need for optimizing the test offerings that CVS pharmacy started taking seriously.

As a result, the team of Covid Test CVS started offering 3 over-the-counter tests, including:

  1. The first one is from Elumme, the Australian Diagnostic Test Maker
  2. The second one is from Abbott Laboratories (ABT.N)
  3. The third one is from the LabCorp (L.H.N)

None of these requires an authorized prescription, and you can use them even with or without symptoms. Furthermore, “ CVS is the first drug retailer to offer the Ellume’s Test, Abbot said. ” It’s now available in some selected locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Also, from the end of May 2021, the Ellume’s Test was available at 

The best part about Abbott’s and Ellume’s tests is that it can deliver the results within 15 minutes. On the other hand, LabCorp is lagging behind a little in this respect as it gives results within 1-2 days.

What’s The CVS Drive Thru Testing?

What’s The CVS Drive Thru Testing

Among the CVS Covid Testing methods, Drive Thru testing is one of the most popular tests. So what’s Drive Thru CVS Covid Test all about?

  • While the patients come for the appointment, they sit within their cars and reach the CVS Pharmacy Drive-Thru Window to complete the test procedure.
  • A MinuteClinic provider monitors the Drive Thru Covid Testing CVS while the team members regulate the specimen collection. It’s super simple but also highly effective for busy professionals.
  • You may worry about this particular procedure of CVS Covid Testing since it is one of the fastest methods available. However, you can remain assured of its accuracy. For processing, samples are transferred to independent third-party labs.
  • The regular turnaround time for test results is 2-3 days. Nevertheless, owing to the current COVID-19 outbreak, this may take longer as the CVS Testing Locations are working with limited workforce strength.

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CVS Rapid Test For COVID 19 Within 30 Minutes

CVS Rapid Test For COVID 19 Within 30 Minutes

CVS Rapid Test is another most trusted CVS Covid Testing method which has come under the limelight. What happens in CVS Rapid Test?

  • If you’re at a CVS Rapid Test place, pay attention to the notice and the staff’s instructions. Patients may be asked to stay in their cars and drive to a dedicated testing structure in the parking lot. In certain cases, they need to enter a CVS shop through a doorway built for this purpose.
  • Service users will get a test kit and a set of instructions, and a CVS Team member will regulate the self-swab process.
  • Patients will be advised to wait for their findings in their own car. The entire procedure will take around 30 minutes. It includes the starting time when the sample is collected till the time the findings are delivered.

Partnership With Delta Air Lines For CVS Rapid Test

CVS Health and Delta Air Lines have announced a partnership in 2020 to expand the airline’s COVID testing program for employees. Delta will employ the Return Ready testing program from CVS Health, which uses rapid-response nose swab tests. The tests will be monitored by a CVS Pharmacy doctor at Delta’s hub crew lounges and can produce findings in less than 15 minutes.

In this way, by mingling CVS Rapid Test with their own COVID test procedure, Delta Airlines is ensuring customers’ safe health.

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CVS Covid Testing Near Me

CVS Covid Testing Near Me

Wondering where to do your CVS Covid testing or CVS Rapid Test? CVS pharmacy has its branches across the United States. We have got a list here of all those Covid Testing CVS center or CVS Covid Testing Location.

Take a look below to get the answer to “ CVS Covid Testing near me.”

  • CVS Covid Testing Las Vegas: There are facilities of Ellume, Abbott, and L.H.N. Testing in the CVS Covid Testing Las Vegas.
  • CVS Covid Testing Houston: You can use the L.H.N., Abbott, and Ellume Testing in CVS Covid Testing Houston.
  • CVS Covid Testing Houston: CVS Covid Testing Houston has options for all three tests.
  • CVS Covid Testing San Diego: The CVS Covid Testing San Diego is one of the most efficient and streamlined Covid testing locations in the States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is CVS Covid Test a Free One?

The lab costs $139 for COVID Test CVS. The MinuteClinic Visit costs $39, and the independent lab procedure costs $110.

Q2. Is CVS COVID Testing Accurate?

COVID Test CVS uses is definitely an accurate and authentic one. CVS rapid test, CVS PCR Test and CVS drive thru test are successfully delivering precise results.

Q3. What Are Some Important Points To be Remembered For CVS PCR Test?

While taking a CVS PCR test, you have to remember the following points:

  • You can make appointments via phone.
  • CVS offers signage in Spanish and English.
  • No-cost testing is available to the patients.

Summing It Up

CVS Health is one of the leading health solutions organizations that provide care in an unmatchable manner. The outroll of 3 new CVS Covid testing methods is one of the greatest initiatives put forward in the United States. In this tough situation, when the need for Covid testing is augmenting day by day, new strategies like these are much appreciated.

What Do you think about CVS Rapid Test, CVS PCR Test, or CVS Drive Thru Test? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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