Blog What Are Cankles And How To Get Rid Of Them – All You Need To Know

What Are Cankles And How To Get Rid Of Them – All You Need To Know

Belly fat and double chins aren’t the only places in your body that can accumulate fat. Sometimes, you just notice peculiar places growing a fleshy mass like cankles, and frustration is a very emotion then.

Exercise and writing are fine. However, our core muscles work differently as a result of different workouts. Therefore, it is essential to know which one is best for cankles. But, before we get into the exercise regime and the complimentary diets, the causes and the effects.

Let us first understand cankles definition. There can be several causes for cankles, and it might always be your diet. But, if you are wondering how to get rid of it, then read the excerpt below.


What Are Cankles?

What Are Cankles

In simple terms, cankles are when your ankles disappear due to your calf muscle fat increasing. They are the thicker area of your lower leg. Fun fact, cankle is something that is very much an urban term, not coined by medical professionals.

The meaning of cankles is a combined terminology between ‘calf’ and ‘ankle.’ It is when the calf muscle blends into the ankle, giving the illusion of no ankle feet. Generally, people are more inclined to call it a fat ankle. However, it is not your ankle that you are gaining the muscle.

However, kankel’s are not always fat accumulating. Sometimes, cankles feet can be simply caused because it runs in the family.

What Causes Cankles?

What Causes Cankles

These are some of the major cankle causes. This is the fair disclaimer that if this swelling becomes painful, get medical help as soon as possible because cankles are not supposed to be painful.


This is one of the most common causes of cankles. This is when your weight shifts and moves to different parts of your body. These weight shifts are very uneven and cause certain difficulties in your body.

This is a very odd place to accumulate fat, which is an indication that you are getting to the point of borderline obese.


Extra chemicals form in your body from growing the uterus; this can also cause cankles in your ankle. The swelling gets worse as the due date gets closer with the third semester. The weather can also become an agent as the swelling increases.

Some Medicines

Cankles are not simply the accumulation of fat; sometimes, they can be extra fluid on your body gathering up in your ankle. This can be caused by certain medications which you might be consuming.

These are medications that most probably reduce the natural fluid retention of your body, inducing swelling in the area between your calves and ankles.


Sometimes cankles can be caused by nothing that you have done. It is not your diet, medication, or lifestyle. At times, cankles can be caused by simply being born in a family that has a history of swollen ankles.

Genetics do influence the fat distribution of your body. If your parents have had the condition, there is a likelihood that you might get them too.

What Cankles Look Like?

What Cankles Look Like

Cankles are swelling in your leg through weight accumulation or body liquid concentration. So, in order to understand whether you have cankles, check your calf muscle.

The calf muscle is naturally swollen. If the swelling doesn’t end even when you reach further down towards your ankle and the swelling still doesn’t end, this might be a sign of early cankles gathering.

How To Get Rid Of Cankles

How To Get Rid Of Cankles

There are a few ways you can get rid of cankles. However, the distinguishing mostly depends on the cause of the condition. For example, sometimes cankles are fat, sometimes they are an accumulation of liquid, and we are bringing solutions to get rid of them.


Getting good calf exercise or leg cardio is the best way to get rid of cankles from being overweight. Here are some of the exercises you can opt for.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the best cardio which will help you get rid of cankles quicker. In addition, it is known to work on your lower body strength and mostly your legs, making you burn your calories there.


Another cardio on the list will make you lose the cankle weight. It not only works on your core leg muscle but also helps you tone your thighs. 

This is also one of the best weight loss cardio. 

Other than these, some of the core exercises which can help you lose the cankle weight are lunges, squats, and diagonal leg raises. 

Suppose you are consulting a dietician or a medical professional to help you. In that case, you should ask for their advice before you start any exercise regime because it is important to know first why you are having this issue. 

Healthy diet additions include high fiber count and green leafy vegetables, which can essentially help you get rid of excess accumulation of liquid. Sometimes, when the nutritionist detects the problem, they will either reframe your diet or consult you to visit a doctor. 

How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Cankles?

How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Cankles 

These are ways you can prevent pregnancy cankles from starting with:

  • Make sure to lie on your left side when pregnant. Especially when you start approaching your due date. 
  • Exhaustion is very common in pregnancy. Therefore, try some light stretching to prevent or get rid of the cankles. 
  • Do not cross your legs too often, as it leads to liquid accumulation in the ankle area. 

However, if you are suffering from pregnancy cankles, then don’t worry. Since they essentially go away once the baby is born. A subtle residue can be got rid of with the application of exercise in the sub-heading above. 

This is simple fluid retention because your uterus is growing. Don’t stress your pregnant body because of this. 

How To Lose Cankles Through Medical Treatments?

How To Lose Cankles Through Medical Treatments

As we have mentioned before, this condition happens due to heredity, then certain exercises may not help. However, you can get medical and cosmetic treatment which can help you get rid of the condition safely. 

Liposuction Cankles

Liposuction is a cosmetic treatment where the excess liquid retention of fatty acids makes retention possible. This will definitely give you more sculpted cal muscle and ankle. 

Because of the accumulation being in the shallow layer of your skin, it is very easy to extract medically without causing any damage to the body. This is essential for people who follow all the exercises and diet and still due to it they have unable to get rid of it. However, this shouldn’t be someone’s first choice.

The reason for this suggestion is the intricate recovery period for liposuction. You will need to protect the area from environmental factors, and you will have to carry a compression garment around it for weeks.

Walking is the only exercise acceptable during cankle liposuction. It is to ensure the area, where the risk of heavy impact infection is the prime concern. The post-treatment pain is meager and quite bearable.

Food You Can Consume To Get Rid Of Cankles

Food You Can Consume To Get Rid Of Cankles

Before you know what to eat, this is what you should avoid for most of your meal.

Reduce the Consumption of saturated food that has high fat in it. Limit the amount of cheese, butter, and fatty red meats.

You can add more carbohydrates or other less fatty proteins to your diet. Plus, every meal is incomplete without the consumption of green leafy vegetables. So the reduction of fatty acid will help you cut down calories in whole. In addition, the leafy vegetables will absolve the oil in the other dishes.

And, adding a few good exercises in the regime will definitely help you get rid of cankles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

People do suffer from a lot of stress when they get this condition. Keeping aside the other difficulties, it also takes a toll on their self-confidence. Therefore, we have searched the internet, found some of the pressing questions, and answered them for you.

1. How To Get Rid Of Cankles Fast?

Ans. Skipping is the only exercise that can help you get rid of your cankles fast. You can start a reasonable amount of lapse, however, keep increasing them with each day. You also have to be consistent with the exercise frequency.

2. What Are Cankles A Sign Of?

Ans. They can be a sign of a few things. Firstly, they could be a sign of you getting overweight; this is when you should get a look at your diet. On the other hand, it is a sign of liquid retention in your body, which can be the result of many factors. This is your sign to visit the doctor, especially if the cankles get slightly painful.

3. How To Tell If You Have Crackles?

Ans. Your ankles will be swollen, and the hollow space between the ankle and calf muscle will disappear.

Final Note

Although liposuction seems like an entrancing offer, this shouldn’t be the first thing you decide to do to get rid of cankles. Yes, sometimes having them can be irritating; however, remember that this is your sign of having a good diet and healthy exercise regime.

You can always consult the doctor and discuss the reasoning and cure before you go directly for cosmetic surgery. Pregnancy cankles are not a pregnant mother’s stress since they are very common and will eventually disappear.

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