Blog Chronic Fatigue Related To Low Zinc Availability, Supplements May Help.

Chronic Fatigue Related To Low Zinc Availability, Supplements May Help.

Do you feel tired even after taking a rest? Chronic fatigue is a prevalent issue that has been reported recently. There is a high chance that your condition could be due to a deficiency in zinc. The prolonged feeling of tiredness and fatigue for more than a month can be a sign of Chronic Fatigue syndrome or CFS. 

The condition may also be referred to as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). 

Recent study has shown that the use of zinc supplements can be beneficial for people experiencing chronic fatigue. Especially in elderly, the condition is known to be relieved with the use of zinc supplementation. 

The issue is complex and may lead to a debilitating condition that is caused due to persistent and extreme fatigue. The study found that the deficiency of minerals can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of individuals especially those in the 45+ age bracket. 

The symptoms of dementia and other related issues start showing up during this period and can lead to poor quality of life for them. Thus, it is necessary that they focus on the proper intake of minerals and vitamins that can boost their overall health

Recent research has suggested that older individuals can benefit from the inclusion of zinc supplements in their diet. However, you must remember to consult your doctor before self-medicating. 

There are also risks associated with over consumption of zinc supplements. There are chances of zinc toxicity if large doses of this mineral are consumed. Thus, consulting a doctor will be beneficial for you. 

The report also suggested that the guidance from healthcare professionals is necessary in case you are taking medications or have an underlying condition. Moreover, the use of multiple medications can interfere with the way zinc works for you. 

Zinc is known to boost the immune system by regulating the immune cells and cytokines. The deficiency of zinc leads to the weakening of our immune system which lowers antibodies that can protect us against infections and extreme fatigue. 

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