Blog Government Restarts Free Covid Testing, Free Mail-Order Starts Next Week.

Government Restarts Free Covid Testing, Free Mail-Order Starts Next Week.

The BIden administration has decided to restart the free Covid testing from next week. This decision comes at a time when the Covid cases are rising again. The Biden administration announced yesterday that people can mail-order four tests starting next week. 

The Department of Health And Human Services has announced the reopening of its website to order tests for free. They will be delivered to their households without any charge. The services will resume from the 25th of this month- which is next week. 

The United States has recently witnessed a rise in the Covid cases. With people realizing the test kits in their “stock” have expired, this announcement has come at a crucial time. 

However, it will be prudent to check the expiry date on the newly ordered test kits, to be on the safe side of things. This warning comes due to last year’s report when people said they had received test kits close to expiration date. 

The Food and Drug Administration’s website will inform you on the expiration date of the test kit and whether it has been extended. The mailed tests have been said to include instructions on checking the expiration date. 

The free Covid test program was announced along with a $600 million investment in the manufacturing of tests against the virus. The manufacturing of the tests in the country will enhance the preparedness for the flu season. 

Every year, with the onset of fall-winter season, the influenza virus circulates and causes flu. People will be able to combat both the viruses (Covid and Influenza). 

The assistant secretary for preparedness and response said in a statement that the manufacturing of tests in the country will reduce reliance on other countries and provide “..good jobs to hard working Americans.” 

The Centers for Disease Control And Prevention said that people must test immediately when they suspect any symptoms. The testing is necessary even if you have been exposed to someone with Covid. 

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