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20 Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes

Do not have all the time to spend in the kitchen waiting for it to roast? Nobody does that any longer because of easy healthy dinner recipes. The ideas below for easy and quick suppers are affordable, entirely homemade, and are wholesome. No fish sticks, chicken nuggets, or other expensive options are available here. These recipes are speedy and only need fifteen minutes and run a totally kid-friendly fare and sophisticated dinner parties and dinner dates. Use the collection below to cycle through the southwest chili, shrimp, creamy pasta, seafood soup, and fried pork cutlets that are both perfect for breakfast and dinner.  


1. Spinach, leek, and shrimp pasta 

shrimp pasta 

Feel like taking a meal that is both hearty and light; the one that has protein and veggies? The healthy recipes for dinner that include leek, spinach, and shrimp pasta is your answer. While pasta is cooking, shrimp in butter and sauté the leeks. Spinach will naturally wilt when you combine it with warm pasta and some bits of lemon zest will add fresh flavor to your light cream sauce. Children will get cheese and macaroni like supper with two veggies stirred in it. Adults, on the other hand, will get an easy, tasty meal in a short period.  

2. Shrimp with olives and tomatoes 

olives and tomatoes 

When served over couscous, the flavorful shrimp dish, which is among easy fast healthy dinner recipes, is a quick-cooking staple that saves your time when cooking over the stove. From the beginning until when the dinner becomes ready, it will take ten minutes only. as the grain is cooking, you will sauté chopped onions, make a sauce with diced green olives, white wine, and tomatoes, before the addition of the shrimp and simmering it for a few additional minutes. This meal is perfect for a winter or fall night whenever the family is having busy schedules and hungry stomachs.  

3. Spiced salmon with rice and Bok Choy 

Get this meal as one of healthy dinner recipes to lose weight found in the table of recipes that take twenty minutes to be ready. It has a perfect plan of dividing and conquering. While salmon cooks in the oven quickly, you will have to cook rice according to the directions of the package, come up with a tasty fish glaze with some bits of soy sauce, honey, and crushed red pepper. You will then steam the baby Bok Choy. Plate your salmon on a bed of rice and next to the voila and green veggies.  

4. Salmon with fennel salad- creamy cucumber 

salad- creamy cucumber 

When you are looking for quick healthy dinner recipes, you may get yourself opting for the chicken dinner, and the shrimp recipe also. Shake the routine up with this casual approach to the salmon. And if you desire to speed pre-dinner preparation time, you need to take sides with a salad, which bears the crunch from fennel and cucumber, up to twelve hours beforehand; reserve several fronds of fennel to garnish your plate. Store this salad in the fridge in a container with a seal and then serve it when cool or at room temperature alongside roasted salmon.  

5. Prosciutto, zucchini, and chicken 


Chicken dinner is a great winner. This is a surprise inclusion but this satisfying meal will get to the table within twenty minutes. You will start by browning chicken breast on the stove before moving them to the oven for cooking. While they are roasting, you need to crisp the prosciutto up, and then sauté the sliced zucchini with salt, pepper, and garlic. This step will just take a few minutes because cutting squash in thin half-moons tells that they are ready. It takes eight minutes for these healthy easy dinner recipes and you will be ready to eat. Toss all things together, squeeze fresh lemon on top and start eating.  

6. Baked Pecorino Chicken 

A crispy coat of bread crumbs, butter, and grated pecorino breathe novel life in the skinless, boneless, chicken breasts. This skill may require so much time, but in the real sense, it could not be easier. In the place of breading each meat piece, you sprinkle a mixture of breadcrumb on the chicken that is alongside the baking dish. The best part is that when the chicken is cooking in the oven, you have a lot of time to whip the colorful and healthful side of the sautéed Swiss chard. You may also have to choose your favorite family vegetable.  

7. Chicken Curry  

Chicken Curry  

Give it a moment because you may be thinking. How does this recipe be among easy healthy recipes for dinner? The fast version utilizes rotisserie chicken for saving time and this meal requires an hour or lea to get ready. That moment when you really want Indian food but do not want to place an order and you require something at the table. An easy sauce is made of plain yogurt, several spoons of curry powder, and heavy cream shreds chicken evenly. Add one can of diced tomatoes if you want and then serve it with rice.  

8. Pasta With Broccoli And Turkey 


The taste of this meal is similar to slow-cooked pasta with sausage and vegetables. But it takes only twenty minutes to be ready and utilizes ground turkey that is healthier, leaner alternative to beef or sausage that cooks very fast. You need to brown meat in a pan and then boil broccoli and pasta together. Crushed red pepper and chopped garlic give the pasta a zip for selective eaters hold pepper and allow people to season their plate while sprinkling on the parmesan.  

9. Bean Salad With Bulgur and zucchini  

Trust me, there is nothing on the plate that needs so much when it comes to cooking or preparation. This bulgur steams in water that is boiling, therefore, after chopping the zucchini and making a quick vinaigrette, dill, and shallot, it is time to put this salad together and start serving it. Roast almond lend crunch, while the creamy crumbled goat cheese puts it together. You will just wait for twenty minutes and then get a perfect meal from these healthy easy dinner recipes 

10. Whole-Grain Spaghetti With tomatoes and Garlicky Kale 

Craving pasta and you are not ready to load carbs? This recipe is among the best healthy dinner recipes to lose weight recommended as it comes with grape tomatoes, kale, garlic, onion, and almond. It goes with noodles that are whole-grain. While boiling the spaghetti, cook kale with onion and garlic on the stove and this will take several minutes. Top it with chopped roasted almond, kale, and pecorino cheese. The family will just wait for thirty minutes for this meal.  

11. Southwestern Beef Chili and Corn 

Beef Chili

Many easy fast healthy dinner recipes of chili need you to simmer for one or two hours. The fact is that it is not fully American classics and is not worth the investment. But if the family is in need of fast chili, this meal that has ground beef, carrots, and corn kernels just take thirty minutes to get ready. Doubling this dinner for a night on the go is perfect when served with brown rice.  

12. Spanish Omelet With Chorizo and potatoes 

The idea for taking breakfast for dinner is not new, and there is nothing wrong when you crumble a few eggs for the night. This one is the best among healthy dinner recipes to lose weight but it requires more planning to prepare this frittata. It is full of red potatoes, yellow onion, cheddar cheese or manchego, and chorizo sausage. This omelet has to become one of the comfort meals in your kitchen.  

13. Steak With tomatoes, scallions, and Roasted Parsnips 

Roasted Parsnips 

These simple healthy dinner recipes seem like they took so much effort and time. In a real sense, it takes fifteen minutes to prepare steak dinner in the kitchen as you do not need grilling. Toss parsnip, grape or cherry tomatoes, and scallions with olive oil and thyme, and roast it until it becomes tender. You will then sear the steak on the stove and serve dinner. It is good for very cold nights when you do not want to fire the grill up.  

14. Steak With cherry pepper sauté and Artichoke 

When a steak is hitting the spot and you want quick healthy dinner recipes that are more interesting as compared to potatoes and meat, try this delicious combination. It has an easy design in the mind; after searing steak, cook the simple dish of artichoke hearts, charred bread, and peppadews in a skillet. This needs a few cooking minutes, offering the meat enough time to settle before serving.  

15. Fishermen’s Soup 

Quick-cooking mussels and halibut are stars in this fragrant, rich meal in the bowl. And while this seafood soup may look time-intensive and fancy, it is very easy to prepare. After you sauté garlic, leeks, and fennel in the saucepan, you can then add canned diced tomatoes and sherry before allowing the mixture to simmer. Add the mussels and fish and give it five more minutes to simmer. Place a bowl of fresh olives on the table after garnishing it with chopped parsley when you want to eat.  

16. Scallions With Spiced Potatoes and roasted cod  

Potatoes and roasted cod  

This one is among quick healthy dinner recipes that need some chopping or just one pan on minimal cooking. The ingredients will cook in the oven in this case, making for minor preparation and few washable dishes. Start with four skinless pieces of cod that have toppings of roasted lemon zest and sliced potatoes and scallions, coated on the chili powder and olive oil. You just need thirty minutes.  

17. Poached Halibut With red potatoes and Green Beans

Green Beans

You just require seven ingredients and you will have these healthy recipes for dinner. Just boil green beans and red potatoes until they get tender before mixing butter with cooked veggies, pepper, salt, and fresh chives. In another skillet, poach fish and some white wine. Take leftover butter and smear it on the fish. Your plate will seem like it is coming from a seafood restaurant. It is easy to replicate this recipe from home.  

18. Oven-Fried Pork Cutlets and Fennel-Chickpea Slaw 

Crispy, thin pork slices and a zesty, crunchy salad made with sliced fennel, chickpeas, red onion, celery, and a dressing of quick lemon provide a massive point and counterpoint in healthy easy dinner recipes. The breaded crust is made from home to avoid stale bought bread crumbs on the meal. After whipping your breadcrumbs with sandwiched bread, you will coat your thin cutlets of pork before allowing them to bake. This leaves so much time for it to mix before the timer dinging and the dinner is right there before you.  

19. Quick Spring Lamb with Vegetable Stew

Vegetable Stew

Diced canned tomatoes, onion, carrots, chicken broth, green beans, and fresh parsley form a flavor that makes easy lamb stew that is perfect for spring. However, this proves to be warming and delicious in winter and fall. Are you feeling ambitious? Make another batch of this dinner and save it for that night when you do not have so much time. You will just have to reheat the stew so that the meat and veggies remain tender.  

20. Caribbean Tenderloin and Mango Salsa 

Give your dinner time tropical flair with healthy recipes for dinner with a salsa made of fresh scallions, mango, crushed red pepper, and lime juice. Chop these ingredients and make a mixture with salsa, then put it aside to allow the flavors to meld while preparing the pork tenderloin. This requires a maximum of fifteen minutes to cook. Put lime wedges on the plates to amplify the flavor of tart citrus, and serve this meal with rice or green salad. It is one the easy healthy dinner recipes when you do not have time to prepare so a full dinner.  


The list of easy healthy dinner recipes above will cover you when you are busy. Unlike other recipes that require a lot of time to prepare to make you healthy, the recipes above will give you all-in-meals all at once. The foods above will make sure that you are having simple healthy dinner recipes daily.

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