Blog CDC Shows Confidence In The Efficacy Of Flu Shot To Protect During The Flu Season.

CDC Shows Confidence In The Efficacy Of Flu Shot To Protect During The Flu Season.

A report from the CDC finds that the flu shot that will be administered this year before the flu season is over 505 effective in preventing illnesses related to the virus. The data represents the southern hemisphere, which is mostly affected by the flu season. 

The report also highlighted what could happen during the upcoming season. The flu is related to several deaths in the US alone which is concerning from the government’s point of view. 

The end of summer season in the northern hemisphere indicates the start of the winter season in the opposite region. The southern hemisphere is about to experience the end of its winter season and the beginning of fall which is when the maximum flu cases are reported. 

The change of season is an indication of the flu season in the US as well. The seasonal flu vaccine is updated every year to target the circulating strain of the virus. This helps in protecting the population against the virus effectively. 

The data on the flu vaccine this year has been useful in ascertaining what to expect during the upcoming season in the northern hemisphere. The signs of flu vaccine indicate effective prevention of the illness in the southern hemisphere. 

The scientists have concluded that the vaccine for the upcoming flu season will be effective in the US as well. The CDC found that the vaccine was effective in decreasing the severity of the disease. In addition, the estimates before the flu season suggest that the risk of severe illness from the influenza virus was reduced significantly after vaccination. 

Between March to July this year, at least 2,800 people in the southern hemisphere were affected by severe acute respiratory infection. Counties such as Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile contributed to this number. The effectiveness of the vaccine was found to be 52% in these countries. 

The senior director of infection prevention at a reputed hospital shared her insight on the effectiveness. Stating that the vaccine might work on the other half of the planet if the same strain is circulating. The vaccine’s effectiveness in the US is based on its success in the southern hemisphere. 

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