Blog Health Benefits Of Garden Egg – All You Need To Know

Health Benefits Of Garden Egg – All You Need To Know

If this is your first time hearing the name ‘garden egg’ then don’t be scared! There are numerous health benefits of garden egg that can help you to achieve your goals effectively. 

No, I am not teaching you how to culture vegan eggs in your backyard. This is just a short abbreviation of a certain kind of eggplant. However, they are not exactly the purple eggplants you find in the market. 

If you have clicked on this article to understand the health benefits of garden egg then you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below I will be jotting down all the important pointers you need to be aware of before incorporating this eggplant into your diet.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Garden Egg?

What Are Garden Eggs

Before we get into the eggplant nutrition fact, you have to first understand what a garden egg is.

Garden eggs are a crop food in many dry countries because they can remain dry and fresh in places without refrigerators. These crops are a majority in Sub-Saharan countries. Their shape is different from your normal eggplant, they are small and white with either a round or teardrop formation which values the bitterness in them.

Is Garden Egg The Same As Eggplant?

No, biologically white garden eggs are not the same as eggplant but you have to read the article further to understand eggplant health benefits of this kind. 

Is Eggplant Good For You? 

With nutritional values like Vitamin B; B6; and antioxidants, they are bound to be good for you. But, let’s find out the answer to this question in detail, especially when it comes to Garden eggs. 

Nutrition Facts Eggplant

Nutrition Facts Eggplant

The garden egg, eggplant kind has several nutritional values which can act as a great boost for your daily diet. After all, who wouldn’t want a healthy dose of Vitamin B1, folate, potassium, manganese, copper, and many more in their everyday balance diet? 

Helps To Control Fat 

Fat is a word people run away from nowadays, however, did you know that fat is an important part of our nutrition chart. If you want to prevent fat from accumulating in unwanted places, and rather have it for its core nutritional value then you would need a lot of Vitamin B in your diet.

This is one of the pioneer health benefits of garden eggs since it is rich in Vitamin B which will appropriately cut the fat in your food. Plus the thiamin; B6; and pantothenic acid properties of Vitamin B will allow them to properly utilize the fat and distribute it among the system.

Does Eggplant Have Protein?

The protein quantity in garden eggs is less than 0.8g which is considerably slow. Therefore, you cannot use this fruit as a substitute for protein. 

A Great Help In Digestion 

Garden eggs are the kind of egg plants that give you vitamins but at the same time are fibrous. You can without a doubt add a garden egg in any dish of yours and your meal is smoothly digested without the worry of constipation. 

Hence, garden eggs can be an important part of any balanced diet.

Say Goodbye To Anemia

From the age of 15 to 49, almost half a billion women are suffering from anemia in the world. Therefore, it is always a delight when we find a natural cure for this disease. Garden Eggs are proven to have certain natural medicinal properties which can prevent or control anemia. 

Health benefits of egg plants don’t end here, since they can also help people suffering from intestinal or abdominal pain, or bronchitis. They are also an excellent stress relief.

Great For Pregnant Woman

As said before, there is no limit to the health benefits of these eggplant fruits. Them being rich in minerals and vitamins gives the appropriate consumption when it comes to pregnant women.

They assist in guaranteeing a healthy balance for both the mother and the growth of her unborn child. Garden Eggs will also prevent the fetus from any kind of neural tube defects.

This can pose an efficient nutrition addition to a pregnant woman’s diet. Plus, the Vitamin B in it will help you reduce all the unwanted post-pregnancy fat because after all, you cannot compromise with your diet while pregnant. 

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Blood Pressure Maintenance

Whether you are a sufferer of high pressure or low pressure, it can be a nuisance. Therefore, in order to maintain this, you will need the right amount of electrolytes that will help you prevent any of the extremities. 

But, how can Garden eggs help balance both?

There is a reason why there are so many health benefits of garden egg because their amazing properties help neutralise the sodium effects which are responsible for the blood pressure algorithm. 

Additionally, this eggplant also has antioxidants i.e. the chlorogenic acid which helps in controlling the cholesterol level. The Health benefits of garden egg can make things easier for you. 

Protects You From Cancer

Yes, you read that right! 

Garden Eggs have nutritional properties which can help you protect your body from deadly diseases. We already know that these eggplants have chlorogenic acid but it also has anthocyanins which literally assist the cells in our body to prevent tumor growth. 

It also helps in preventing cancer cells from spreading further. Therefore, if you are being diagnosed with the first stage of Cancer, this eggplant can be a good addition to your diet

The anthocyanins also prevent inflammation and block the enzymes highly responsible for the spreading of cancer. 

A Healthy Heart Too

One of the health benefits of garden eggs is already mentioned to be controlling the amount of cholesterol in our body. But, there is more! 

The potassium, Vitamin B-6, and antioxidants on this eggplant help you maintain very good heart health. It again reduces inflammatory agents that in turn puts your heart at risk. 

It is also an excellent medicine for people suffering from high blood pressure as it prevents stiffening arteries. 

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Eggplant Nutrition Level

Eggplant Nutrition Level 

We have previously discussed that garden eggs have many nutritional values but here is a list of all the correct levels. 

  • Energy [in kilocalories] : 33.6 
  • Carbohydrate: 4.8g 
  • Fiber: 2.4g 
  • Sugar: 2.9 [g]

Although it has sugar it is actually fit for diabetes. 

  • Vitamin: 3%
  • Iron: 1%
  • Vitamin B6: 5% 

Eggplant Side Effects

Eggplant Side Effects

Eggplant toxic was a very common ideology in ancient times, but the modern world consumes garden eggs in ample amounts. However, there are still a few side effects to this fruit. 

Although it is a great medicine for people suffering from constipation, it is prohibited for people suffering from gastritis. The cellulose in garden eggs can cause extreme bowel movement and escalation in peptic ulcers.  

A person suffering from any liver or gallbladder should consult the doctor before consuming a heavy amount of garden egg. 

However, if you are concluding with the question of extreme problems of constipation then you have to take care of these issues.   

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Are Eggplants Poisonous?

Then the answer is no since garden eggs will not cause any harm to such extremities in our body. 

But, at the same time always consult your doctor to know why eggplant is bad for you if you are asked to prohibit the item from your diet. Sometimes it could just be for personal allergy purposes

Is Eggplant Good For Kidney Disease? 

No, it might not be suitable for someone with kidney disease. Since health benefits of garden egg contain oxalates which can increase the chances of kidney stones for people already suffering from it. 

To Conclude

By now you have probably got an intricate idea of all the health benefits of garden egg. However, it is still safe to consult a doctor if you suffer from a chronic disease and plan to incorporate this food item into your diet.

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