Blog CDC Informs Of Increase In Covid Cases For The First Time Since January

CDC Informs Of Increase In Covid Cases For The First Time Since January

Covid cases have increased in the country for the first time since January, informs the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The indicators of the disease have been reported recently across the United States, with a slight increase in Covid symptoms. 

The Agency reported increased visits to the emergency department and the testing centers since January. The national cases of the infection have reportedly increased, with the hospitalization rates growing incessantly. 

CDC has reported that the cases are small in number. However, the duration of this uptick is unpredictable. This is an unexpected reversal from the declining number of cases over the past several months.

The World Health Organization reported that several countries registered Covid cases, with a sudden increase in hospitalizations and deaths. The fatalities have strongly indicated the upsurge in patients, as the tests have declined. 

Last week, the organization released a report saying that the continued increase in cases demonstrates a high burden of the infection. The Arcturus strain is also gradually circulating, with the new coronavirus strain reportedly infecting people in the US.

The majority of the American population is safe against infection due to vaccination. However, the new variants are an area of concern due to their resistance to the administered doses. The vaccination reports of last year informed that at least 97% of the population was wholly vaccinated. 

As per the observation by CDC, the Omicron subvariants have been increasing significantly. The XBB.2.3 and EG.5 subvariants have shown at least a 13% increase in cases. 

American adults reportedly are experiencing long covid symptoms, with at least 17% infected with the Arcturus variant. The vaccines, slated to release in the upcoming fall season, will target the XBB 1.5 variant. 

WHO and CDC have started surveilling the XBB 2.3 variant, whose cases are rising globally. 

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