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How Intimacy Improves Mental Health

Intimacy is important for maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. It strengthens the bond between two partners, which helps them navigate the ups and downs of a long-term relationship or commitment.

However, intimacy is also important for your mental health. Partners who express intimacy are generally happier, more confident, and experience fewer symptoms of mental illnesses.

Read on to learn more about how intimacy can improve your mental health, as well as some tips to improve intimacy in your relationship. 


Ways Intimacy Improves Mental Health

Ways Intimacy Improves Mental Health

1. Boosts Self-Esteem

Regular sex and intimacy have been shown to improve self-esteem and confidence. These are critical traits when working to maintain mental health or treat symptoms of a mental illness. 

People with low self-esteem are less likely to seek treatment or do any work required to keep themselves happy and mentally well.

Therefore, a bit of intimacy can make someone feel good about themselves, which in turn means they will keep working to maintain that happiness.

2. Improves Sleep Quality

Improves Sleep Quality

Partners who express intimacy and have more intimate sex often sleep better. This is because intimacy and sex release hormones that promote relaxation and deep sleep. That’s why after an orgasm, you may feel tired and fall asleep right away.

Sleeping problems are common symptoms of mental health disorders as well as major factors in the worsening of mental health conditions.

Therefore, by being intimate and enjoying deep sleep, you are preventing potential conditions from worsening and may improve the symptoms that already exist.

3. Reduces Stress

Chronic stress is a very common issue for much of the modern world. Stress is known to severely affect mental health and can potentially develop or worsen other mental health conditions.

Luckily, intimacy makes for a good treatment option. Partners who are often intimate with each other tend to experience less stress.

This is probably due to all the good feeling hormones that are released during intimacy, as well as the joy of spending quality time with your partner.

4. Improves Mood

Improves Mood

You don’t need a scientist to tell you that emotional intimacy and sex make you feel better. These acts boost the production of serotonin, which is a chemical that can stabilize or improve mood. Therefore, regular intimacy will ensure that you are happy and mentally well.

Furthermore, serotonin is critical for treating anxiety and depression. If you live with one of these conditions, regular intimacy with your partner may help release these feel-good chemicals and reduce your symptoms.

5. Provides Opportunity For Connection

Social connection is critical for good mental well-being. Connecting with others prevents loneliness and provides support when you aren’t feeling your best.

Intimacy with your partner deepens that connection, so they will always have your back no matter the condition of your mental health.

Tips For Increasing Intimacy In Your Relationship

Intimacy is crucial for any relationship but can be forgotten in all the craziness of day-to-day life. If you and your partner struggle to maintain intimacy, try some of the following tips.

  • Spend more time cuddling, hugging, and kissing
  • Touch each other more throughout the day
  • Compliment each other
  • Stay connected throughout the day
  • Be more sensual
  • Be open, honest, and vulnerable with each other

Intimacy is the perfect way to keep your bond strong with your partner. By trying some of these tips, you can enjoy a wonderful connection and better mental health.

You can find more information about intimacy and its role in your relationship and mental health by clicking here.

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