Blog Possible Link To Weight Loss Surgery Suspected For The Demise Of Lisa Marie Presley

Possible Link To Weight Loss Surgery Suspected For The Demise Of Lisa Marie Presley

Musician and songwriter, Lisa Marie Presley’s death has been suspected to be due to bowel obstruction known as “sequelae of small bowel obstruction.” The latest report from the medical examiner revealed that the natural death was due to intestinal blockage. 

Several reasons can cause such an obstruction, such as diseases. However, the prominent cause has been recorded as intra-abdominal adhesions, scar-like tissues in the abdomen. This causes the organs to stick together, which was the case for the singer. 

Last week, an autopsy report revealed that Presley had recently undergone a weight loss procedure which was the cause of this obstruction. In January, Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s daughter was briefly admitted to the hospital for cardiac arrest. The singer had then died at a hospital in LA. 

The singer-songwriter was known for continuing the legacy of her father, with some people claiming she reminded them of the rock ‘n’ roll icon. The public was aloof about the cause of her hospitalization, with the reports saying that she was experiencing stomach pain earlier in the day. 

The funeral service of the 54-year-old artist was held at the Graceland residence of the Presleys’. Fans, family, and friends gathered to pay their tribute. Priscilla Presley spoke at the funeral service, holding back tears as she read the letter from one of her three granddaughters. 

Those attending her funeral service included the surviving family members, former mayor of Memphis, A. C. Wharton Jr., the lead singer of Guns ‘N’ Roses, Axl Rose, Austin Butler, and Baz Luhrmann, actor and director of the movie Elvis, respectively.

The singer’s last appearance was at the 80th Golden Globe Awards, where her mother accompanied her. 

Lisa now rests beside her father, Elvis, and son Benjamin Keough who was lost to suicide three years ago. Her three daughters and mother now survive the pop star.

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