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The Role of Omega 3 in Ovarian Health & Egg Quality

The female body is marvelous in many ways. It gives life to another human being. Moreover, as per a source, women might have stronger immune systems. They might have better muscle endurance as well. Also, a woman experiences amazing changes in her body during pregnancy.  

Today, we are illustrating whether omega-3 can help in boosting ovarian health and egg quality or not. Also, learn the fundamentals of ovarian health.


Why Does Ovarian Health Matter?

Ovaries are vital parts of a woman’s body. They exist in the form of a pair. Also, they are responsible for the formation of hormones estrogen and eggs. Ovaries play an important role in conception and menstruation, too. Hence, a woman has to take care of herself in order to maintain the health of her ovaries.

There are multiple ways how a person can concentrate on ovarian health. For instance, she can work on maintaining a healthy weight. Moreover, she can limit her intake of processed food. Excessive sugary snacks are not good for this purpose either.

Furthermore, they are present in the lower abdomen. If they are in pain, it is necessary to consult a doctor. One of the common problems is polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. It occurs because of the imbalance of reproductive hormones.

There are numerous indications that your ovaries are not in healthy condition. For example, you are seeing changes in vaginal discharge, or you are frequently urinating. Moreover, if there is burning during urination, it requires attention. Another sign is the irregular bleeding. Tenderness in your abdomen and fever demand a visit to your health specialist, too. 

There are also some signs of poor egg quality. For instance, a woman is facing infertility issues or having frequent miscarriages. The irregular menstrual periods are a symptom, too. Another crucial factor is her age. The increase in age can decline the quality of a woman’s eggs. 

Is Omega-3 Effective for Ovarian Health and Egg Quality?

Adding fish to your routine food consumption can help you get pregnant. However, it is not clear whether these fatty acids help to form better-quality eggs or not. 

A study was conducted a couple of years ago on women ranging from age 30 to 44. The purpose was to observe whether the intake of omega-3 supplements enhances the chances of conceiving or not. 

They all were trying to get pregnant for less than three months and none of them had infertility issues in the past. After one year, the women who took best omega 3 supplements had twice the chance of getting pregnant instead of the ladies who did not consume these supplements. 

Furthermore, there is a list of advantages of omega-3 fatty acids on reproductive health and fertility. For instance, they can boost the ability of the embryo for uterus implantation. Also, they lessen the agony of inflammation. 

They are responsible for an important aspect of ovulation, which is the regulation of hormones. This intake can increase the blood flow in the uterus as well. Also, once a woman gets pregnant, omega-3 aids in the brain development and nervous system of the baby inside. 

In terms of the dosage, one should always talk to a specialist first. Nevertheless, we found a source stating that for conceiving, both partners should consume 1000 mg of these fatty acids on a routine basis. 

Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for the proper functioning of the sperm cells as well. The low sperm count and low motility can be because of the lower levels of omega-3s in men.

Omega-3 for Ovarian Health & Egg Quality: The FAQs

Omega-3, for long, continues to have a positive impact on the human health. But what if I tell you it also benefits ovarian health and maintains the quality of the egg, too? Yes, it is that beneficial! Check out some commonly asked questions to satisfy your quest:

Can omega-3 improve egg quality?

Yes. Omega-3s assist in improving egg quality and also delaying the aging of ovaries. Moreover, they can support the infant’s development and healthy fetus. They are apt to boost pregnancy rates. Talk to your healthcare provider for suggestions on the dosage of omega-3s, and make sure to ask about other causes of your poor egg quality.

What improves female egg quality?

One of the crucial factors is the intake of a healthy diet. It is not only important for the egg quality but also for the overall health of a woman. Make sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, add leafy greens, lean meats, whole grains, and nuts to your diet.

Can omega-3 boost ovulation?

Yes, with the help of reduction in inflammation, a woman can relish a boost in ovulation by consuming omega-3 fatty acids. They also affect the immature eggs and oocyte growth in a good way. Moreover, they are important for hormone production, too.

Is omega-3 good for conceiving?

Yes, omega-3s are good for getting pregnant. You can include a diet rich in fatty fish by consulting your specialist first. Moreover, consider consuming a variety of healthy foods

How much omega-3 for female fertility?

500 to 1000 mg of omega-3s is good for female fertility on a daily basis. However, again, you should not start taking doses without a consultation from your doctor. 


Ovaries are essential for women in many ways. They are responsible for hormones and help in menstruation and conception, too. 

Therefore, in order to get pregnant, it is vital to keep your ovaries in good condition. There are different ways you can take care of them. For instance, you can consume a healthy diet. Also, keep yourself away from sugary snacks and processed food.

Another solution is in the form of omega-3 intake. Many sources have cited the advantages of taking these supplements or food sources for boosting ovarian health and egg quality. 

If men are facing the agony of low sperm count, they can add these fatty acids to their regular food intake. Hence, to get the accurate dosage of these nutrients, check with your health specialist.

Nonetheless, in accordance with a source online, the potential of conceiving can be enhanced if a person takes 1000 mg of omega-3s on a daily basis. Both partners should take this amount. Another source has provided a range between 500 mg to 1000 mg.

Also, a woman can include fatty fish in their diet for viewing health benefits. Ladies should not just focus on the health of their ovaries. The good condition of other body parts is essential, too.

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