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Top 10 Magical Benefits of Drinking Beer

When people think about a beer, all that comes to mind is always the fat belly that beers bring.  Not so many people will agree that indeed beer comes with considerable benefits and particularly health benefits beer. According to most people’s imaginations beers are sources of illnesses, and they tend to associate them with other vices.

However, according to research, a moderated beer intake comes with several benefits. In fact, according to the study, consistent moderate consumption of beer comes with its benefits. Even though most people might object to this, but so many people and experts have gone on to confirm this at other different times. However, you must also know about maintaing a healthy heart.


Top 10 Magical Benefits of Drinking Beer

The benefits of moderate beer intake are so many depending on different people. For instance, average beer intake has been confirmed to reduce heart disease and also help in the strengthening of body bones. There are so many benefits of beer intake, like the ones listed below.

1. Reduction Of Heart Disease

reduction of heart disease

According to researchers from Italy individuals who take a beer at a very lower moderate will have a lower chance of developing heart diseases compared to those that do not take a beer at all.  When drinking, you will be required to maintain a one-pint intake with a beer percentage of about 5% or below. This is one of the best benefits of drinking beer.

According to research if you will do this consistently for an extended period, you will significantly reduce your chances of developing any heart diseases.

2. Ability To Think Like A Genius

Ability To Think Like A Genius

Well, whereas taking two or three bottles of the beer will not make you a gift, it will help you to boost your thinking capacity.  According to a particular journal, one of the many benefits of the beer will be the ability to think correctly.

The research went ahead to demonstrate that using two groups watching a movie. Drunken fellows and more particularly those that had taken beer could remember things much faster compared to those who did not receive a beer.

However, according to the research for people to remember things correctly after taking a beer, they will only have to take a minimal amount of bear-like two beers at most.

3. Prevention Of Type 2 Diabetes

beer benefits

A research conducted in the Netherlands on 38000 males confirmed that immediately after beginning to take bear consistently for four years, they started showing signs of a reduction in certain types of diabetes.

The same research went ahead to caution that an increase in alcohol consumption did not lower the chances further hence recommending a moderate intake.

4. Kidney Protection

According to Finland researchers, any bottle taken by a man will largely contribute to a reduction in his chances of developing kidney stones. Even though the researchers were not able to connect the two, they anticipated that this reduction could be due to high water intake.

The research also confirmed that the ability of beers to keep the users visiting the bathroom frequently contributed to the health of kidneys.  The kidneys were found to function correctly when individuals visited bathrooms consistently.

The research revealed so may benefit from a beer. The study even went ahead to confirm that moderate beer intake also helps in the correlation process where which in turn helps in the slower release of calcium from the bones.

5. Quicker Recovery

A Spanish study confirmed that a beer intake immediately after working out helped in the hydration process. A cording to the study individuals who take beer after working out had a better chance of hydration compared to those that took water after the procedure.

6. Clear Vision

As the saying goes, a Guinness day could keep a doctor away Canadian scientists have gone ahead to confirm this.  According to scientists, a moderate beer intake and more particularly a more significant or stout help in increasing antioxidant activity which reduces the chances of cataracts forming in the eyes.

However, the research went ahead to prove that an increased beer intake without any moderation increased the chances of cataracts developing in the eyes. As such, the researchers recommended a carefully moderate beer intake.

To have proper and functioning eyes, the experts advised for regulated beer intake. Even though research about the benefits of beer proves that indeed beer could help in cataract prevention, it did not claim that this will be an entire case in every case.

7. Fighting Of Infection

If you thought to take a bottle of bear two was a bad thing, you will have to think again. According to Oregon Health and Science University, a bear or two a day helps in the boosting of an immune system which allows your body to fight off infections easily.

To demonstrate this, the scientist went ahead to vaccinate monkeys and later allowed them to take the beer and little water into two groups. After some time, the scientists conducted tests on the same primates. They discovered that the primates who consumed beer had a better immunity than those who consumed water.

However, the primates that took large volumes of beer exhibited weaker immune systems compared to those that took the drink with moderation.

8. Fracture Prevention

Beers can strengthen your bones. Tufts University confirmed that individuals who consumed two bottles of beer a day had stronger bones. In comparison to those that did not take alcohol at all.

Beer is proven to increase the bone density. Hence, making them less likely to fracture.

9. Increases Or Boost Nutrients In Your Body

Your Body

According to research beer was confirmed to boost the shape of the users with various nutrients. Manufactures fill beers with multiple nutrients and some of them when taken fill s the body with the much-needed nutrients. Thisis one of the best benefits of drinking beer.

10. Reduction in the chances of developing stroke

developing stroke

Beer intake has been proven to be another way of staying away from a stroke. According to research consuming beer with an alcoholic content of 4.5 or below helps reduce the chance of stroke. According to the research about 2 bottles of beer will save you from suffering stroke up to about 35%.


According to research from various institutions, there will be so many benefits of drinking beer. That is, if only you take the beer in the right way. Even though research illustrates numerous benefits of a beer, the study also warns against the excessive beer intake.

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