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Signs That You May Have Fertility Problems

For many people, the idea of getting older and having a family one day is something that they dream of. While this can happen quite easily for many people, others find it difficult to actually make it a reality due to issues within their bodies. Infertility is something that happens to both women and men and it is much more common than you might think.

In this guide, we are going to cover some of the signs that you may have fertility problems if you are a male. Read on to find out more.


Sexual Disfunction:

One of the most common signs that a male has fertility problems is when they are having problems with sexual function. This can include everything from small volumes of fluid during ejaculation to reduced sexual desire. These problems can be a bit embarrassing to talk about but the truth is that so many people experience them. They may not reflect infertility, but they are worth checking out with your local doctor in Florida.

Pain or Swelling:

Have you noticed that you have some pain or swelling in your testicle area? Many people can see a lump in this area and think that they might have cancer but there are many more reasons for this kind of issue. You might find that the pain in this area is actually due to fertility issues and you could have problems when it comes to having a child in the future. Either way, it is worth calling a doctor to find out more.

Lower Sperm Count:

The sperm count that your body has is usually something that you won’t find out until you have contacted a doctor, but you should keep an eye on it. If you find that you have a lower than normal sperm count, your doctor might suggest that you get some more tests done. This is due to a low sperm count being a symptom of low fertility.

What to Do:

If you think that you are showing any of these signs, it is always useful for you to check in with a urologist in Orlando based on close to your home. There are tons of options in Florida including that can help you with a number of different medical concerns. It is very important that you don’t ignore any of these issues as they could result in further issues down the line.

Final Verdict:

No one wants to have to deal with fertility issues but unfortunately, they are much more common with males in Florida than you might think. You should always get your body checked out by a professional and make sure that you are getting the right treatment for any issues that you are having. Once you get checked out, you can have the peace of mind that you will still be able to have children. And, if not, you can make plans for the future with this in mind!

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