Blog 13 Great Tools for Small Health and Wellness Companies

13 Great Tools for Small Health and Wellness Companies

The logistics of running a business can be complex, but there are a number of useful tools that can make your life easier. As a small health and wellness brand, you’ll need to keep up with the speed and efficiency of your competitors. The software can make your little team feel larger.

Everything from time tracking tools to bookkeeping software can ease the burden of small business management and free up your time, so you can spend it scaling your company.


Incredible Tools You’ll Need for Your Health and Wellness Companies

You don’t need to have a team of 100 to create long-lasting growth in your health and wellness startup, but you will require the following software tools. Here are x you’ll need right now.

1. Payment Transaction Software

1. Payment Transaction Software

With payment transaction software, businesses can make the billing process easy. If your company provides a subscription-based service, this software can automatically invoice distributions or payments to reduce your workload. It can also automatically refund users.

2. Electronic Notebook Software

By using an ELN (electronic notebook software), you can set up your laboratory for success, provided you have one. If you sell products or services that require experimentation, you need a way to stay compliant. An ELN can do just that with its e-signatures, SOPs, and protocols.

3. Project Management Software

3. Project Management Software

Web-based tools like Trello allow your business to break down complex projects into small tasks, which can help increase business efficiency. When you’re creating prototypes for your brand or outlining a new marketing plan, you can use this software to stay organized.

4. Financial Tracking Software

Whether you’re big or small, you’ll need a way to track your finances. Accounting, payroll, tax, and bookkeeping software will help you monitor your cash flow, expenditures, tax filing dates, and other essential company data. Plus, most finance software can help with compliance.

5. Sales, Marketing, and PR Software

There are several tools that can make your sales department’s job easier. Booking software, like Engageware, allows prospects to book appointments directly to your calendar. HARO (Help a Reporter Out) can connect you with journalists who can help generate PR for your company.

6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM software can help you understand your relationship with customers because it analyzes the ways your business interacts with them. With this knowledge, you can improve your pricing, target profitable customers, customize products and services, and focus your brand message.

7. Member Management Software

Member management software automates the membership process. Personal trainers or yoga instructors can take advantage of member portals, directories, event management, membership renewals, dues management, a member database, community management, and more.

8. Time Tracking Software

8. Time Tracking Software

Effective time management is difficult as a startup, but you can make it easier by adopting time tracking software. For example, MinuteDock lets you record time spent on specific tasks by certain workers or groups to see where your business can make better use of its time.

9. Human Resources Software

Human resources software, like GoCo, combines multiple HR processes to reduce the amount of paperwork on your desk. HR software offers features like employee onboarding, benefits management, background checks, degree verifications, document management, and more.

10. App Building Software

If you have a health and wellness product or program that suits the app structure (meditation, for example), you should use software like Kintone to build one. More and more workplaces are starting to use health apps to promote wellness because they reduce health care costs.

11. Website Building Software

11. Website Building Software

If you want to build a new website, but you don’t have the capital to hire a programmer, try your hand at website building software. The right app can make building an incredible site super easy, but if you want design flexibility at a low cost, try using Wix,, or Squarespace.

12. Note-Taking Software

Note-tracking apps like Evernote can sync across your devices and let you store information in one place. OmniFocus also captures information, like deadlines and appointments, except it organizes this data and helps you prioritize your time. Both apps can help improve productivity.

13. Communications Software

If you have a hybrid or remote team, you’ll need Slack and Zoom for communication. Since several health and wellness companies operate from their computers, communication apps can help your team stay connected to each other through meetings and casual conversations.

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