Blog Spurling Test – Overview, Methods, Accuracy, Positive Result, Neck Pain

Spurling Test – Overview, Methods, Accuracy, Positive Result, Neck Pain

Neck sore or neck stiffness is a very common condition in both young and older adults. According to recent medical research, it is one of the key driving factors to early disability. In fact, neck stiffness is one of the very common signs of the early stage of disability. Well, this is where a Spurling Test exam might help you.

So, instead of complaining about your neck pain every morning, give this article a thorough read. You’ll understand how the Spurling Test can help you get rid of it. I am sure you’re going to thank me after going through this blog.


What Is A Spurling Test?

What Is A Spurling Test

Spurling Test is a medical examination used to diagnose cervical radiculopathy. In the medical world, it’s also known in the names like Spurling Maneuver or Spurling Compression Test. The results of this test enable a physician to cure a disability named Cervical Radiculopathy.

It happens when a nerve in your neck gets pinched around the area where it;’s branching out from the spinal cord. Some of the common symptoms you can experience are severe neck pain, weakness, pain in the upper back or shoulder.

What Are The Methods Of Doing The Spurling Test?

What Are The Methods Of Doing The Spurling Test

The procedures of doing a Spurling Test are quite simple. There are no painful or extra-advanced steps in the process just like curing cancles. It starts with you sitting down, either on an exam desk or in a chair. Below we have mentioned 2 types of Spurling’s Tests:

1. Spurlings Test A

You will bend your head towards the sides of your body, having Spurling Signs. The physician now will give some pressure to the top of your head.

2. Spurlings Test B

This procedure consists of the method used in Spurlings Test A plus extension and rotation of your neck by the doctor. Simultaneously, he will keep applying the pressure to the top of your head.

What Types Of Results Can You Get From A Spurling Test?

Types Of Results Can You Get From A Spurling Test

The cure of your neck pain along with the Spurling signs largely depends on the result of Spurlings Test. The question that you might be thinking about here is, what types of Sparling Test Results you can get?

Well, generally, there are two types of results: Spurling Compression Test – Positive Spurling Test Result And Normal Result. Let’s check them out one by one:

1. Positive Result

A Positive Spurling Test comes when you feel the pain is radiating towards your arm during the test. You will be given additional tests as well as some exercises to recover.

2. Normal Result

On the contrary, when it’s a normal result, you won’t get to feel any pain. Nevertheless, if your test result comes positive, don’t be too positive in your mind since Spurling’s test is not accurate all the time. You may have Cervical Radiculopathy still. Hence, your doctor would suggest you some more testing other than the Cervical Radiculopathy Test.

Are Spurling Test Results Accurate?

Are Spurling Test Results Accurate

Although the Spurlings test is an incredibly feasible method to detect Cervical Radiculopathy, it’s not a sensitive test. In a 2017’s review, it was found that the test had a 92% to 100% specificity, but a sensitivity rate of 42-60%. This infers that the Spurling Compression Test generated a positive result for only 50% of the patients dealing with cervical radiculopathy.

This doesn’t mean that the Spurling test is always inaccurate. Rather it’s one of the easiest ways to identify the causes of your potential symptoms. So if you are already suffering from the Spurling signs, it’s advisable not to make any more delays. Get the Spurlings Test done and if the results are positive…sit back and relax. Your healthcare practitioner will be able to manage that easily. All you have to do is inform the doctor as early as possible.

Some Other Alternative Tests For Neck Pain Or Spinal Exam

Some Other Alternative Tests For Neck Pain Or Spinal Exam

Whatever the results come – Spurling Test Positive or Normal, the doctor will prescribe you some other tests for double confirmation. Wanna know what those are so that you can prepare yourself for a plethora of health examinations? Take a look below:

1. Imaging Tests

This includes X-Rays, MRI Scans, or CT Scans that would allow the expert to investigate more deeply in the affected area.

2. Upper Limb Tension Test

Here, each of your nerves in the affected area is stretched to assess the extent of the Spurling signs.

3. Shoulder Abduction Test

This is somehow similar to the Cervical Radiculopathy Test, i.e., Spurling Test. It’s all about placing the palm of the affected arm on the top of your head.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How Do You Perform A Cervical Compression Test?

Spurling maneuver or Cervical Compression Test is done by extending, laterally bending, and holding down the patient’s neck. All these are done when he/she is in a sitting position.

Q2. What Is The Another Name Of The Spurling Test?

Some other names of Spurling Test are Spurling maneuver, Cervical Radiculopathy Test, or Spurling compression test.

Q3. Does Radiculopathy Show On Xray?

If you have Radiculopathy, an X-Ray will reveal the affected nerves clearly. This will help the doctor to adopt the right treatment procedure.

What’s Our Verdict About The Spurling Test?

That’s all about the neck pain diagnosis examination, Spurlings Test. Basically, it helps you to detect and treat cervical radiculopathy. As we have mentioned, if it’s a positive Spurling Test, consider you have cervical radiculopathy. On the other hand, if you get the normal result, there is nothing to be worried about then.

Indeed, Spurling’s test is super effective in diagnosing early Spurling signs. However, please note that this test isn’t 100% accurate. As a result, even if you get the Spurling Test Positive, the physician would recommend some additional examinations.

Was this blog able to solve your doubts? Do not hesitate to let us know your viewpoints in the comment area below. We can’t wait to hear you out. Keep an eye out on Online Health Media to get more informative guides on topics like Top 9 Liquid Prenatal Vitamins – With Pros and Cons.

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