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6 Things To Know Before You Start A SARM Cycle

In this day and age, if you want to look fit and fine, and gain the kind of physique that will make professional athletes envious, you can do so easily. With the help of SARMS, of course.

A quick search and click on the internet will lead you to tons of sites that deal in the sale of SARMS, a special class of compounds and substances that trigger the androgen receptors of the body and lead to increased muscle gain, higher metabolism, faster fat loss and much more.

But there’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye. If you want to start using SARMS for building your physique, there are some key things that you should know. Otherwise, your experience might not be as good as you hoped.

In this article, we’re telling you things that every SARM user, or potential user, must know before they include SARMS into their lifestyle.


1. SARMS Are Research Chemicals

Research Chemicals

Before you start using SARMS and injecting or ingesting them, you should be well-aware of the fact that they are research chemicals. What this means is that these substances are still under trial and being researched. Scientists and medical researchers are still conducting experiments and gathering information about them, and all the possible benefits, as well as side-effects, aren’t known. Due to its status as a “research chemical”, many national regulators such as the FDA, haven’t approved its consumption or sale as a supplement or stimulant, and it is sold under the title of “research chemical”.

2. SARMS And Peptides Are Not The Same

Have you ever seen sites that say BPC 157 for sale or Hexerlin under the “SARMS category”? A lot of the time you’ll see SARMS and peptides being clubbed together and often described in the same way as well. This can lead to a bit of confusion amongst buyers, especially those who are trying this out for the first time and have no prior experience. But we are here to tell you that SARMS and peptides are two totally different things! While many factors make them different from each other, the primary one is that SARMS are substances that target androgen receptors and produce anabolic effects whereas peptides, which are either synthetic or natural, are long amino acid chains that lead to muscle development and fat loss. SARMS include Ostarine, Ligandrol, etc whereas peptides include the BPC-157 peptide, amongst many others.

3. Not All SARMS Are SARMS

Sounds confusing, right? But hear us out. There are a wide variety of substances and chemicals that have closely similar effects and functions to SARMS, and they start being marketed and advertised as SARMS. However, they’re actually not SARMS and are either myostatin inhibitors such as YK-11 or PPAR agonists like Cardarine. Although one may think that classifying such products under the umbrella of  “SARMS” is strange, the similarity in effects and working makes it quite okay, at least for marketing and sale purposes. So one must be able to identify what legitimate products came from the Umbrella labs SARMs.

4. Dosages Cannot Be Generalised

Let’s assume that you want to buy BPC-157 peptide for yourself. You head over to the website and go through the instructions and reviews and you come across the “recommended dosage” section. Now you might think that that’s how much you should take in a day, right? But that’s what you shouldn’t be doing. In the case of chemical substances like SARMS, many of which are extremely potent, you should always consult a doctor or a medical professional before taking a dose. Even if you buy BPC-157 5 mg, for instance, and the dosage says 25mg a day, you should always consult a doctor first. As everyone has different bodies, systems, and tolerance levels, relying on general dosage instructions can be harmful and you run the potential risk of overdosing yourself.

5. Don’t Forget About PCT

One of the problems that you may face after a SARM cycle is suppression in hormonal levels, primarily that of testosterone. This is especially the case when you are consuming powerful and highly potent SARMS like Ligandrol and Ostarine. A PCT or Post Cycle Therapy, which is usually the same duration as a SARM cycle, helps bring your testosterone levels back to normal. If you don’t do a PCT after a cycle, your hormone levels will fall dangerously and you may experience problems such as high fatigue, insomnia, decrease energy, lowered muscle mass, and more.

6. Always Remember To Eat Well And Exercise


If you want a good physique and want to look bulky and muscular, don’t think that simply taking SARMS will help you reach there. Along with a dedicated SARM cycle that suits your body’s needs and requirements, you also need a proper diet that helps your body meet its daily calorie count as well as a properly curated exercise schedule. There’s often the idea that just including SARMS into your lifestyle is enough, but that’s quite the misconception. SARMS and peptides can only improve the way your body functions and boost muscle development, but to actually see results, you still have to have a good diet and engage yourself in regular exercise.

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