Blog 5 Typical Behaviour Traits Of An Addict – What To Look For

5 Typical Behaviour Traits Of An Addict – What To Look For

It is, of course, a worry for all parents of teenage children that they might be tempted into taking drugs. Despite doing what we can to inform and educate our kids as to the dangers of drugs, we can’t be with them every minute of the day. In order to assure yourself, here are a few common signs of continued drug use that you should be aware of.


Here are 5 Typical Behaviour Traits Of An Addict – What To Look For:

 1. Telling Untruths

In order to cover up their drug use, addicts will often lie about where they have been and what they’ve been doing. The addict certainly isn’t going to tell where they have been if they have ingested drugs, and one lie blends into another until it becomes the truth in their mind. If your son, for example, tells you he was playing football with his mates, then a quick call to one of the parents can easily confirm this, and should it not be true, then you should approach your child and get to the bottom of it. Of course, it might be a girlfriend, so don’t assume anything, as you could get the wrong end of the stick.

2. Having No Money

Obviously, drugs cost money, and no one is going to supply a friend’s habit, so a drug user needs a supply of cash, and if your child never has any money, even though they have a generous allowance, alarm bells should ring. What does a parent do if they discover their child is hooked on a substance? Well, the best solution is to search online for a leading Thailand rehab center, where experts can help your child to change their life in a positive way. Yes, it is an extreme measure, but you need to understand that unless you remove the addict from their usual environment, the temptation is always there, which is why so many people choose a rehab.

3. Extreme Moods Swings

When a user is high, they will likely be very social and may talk a lot more than usual, but when the user is not under the influence, they can be short-tempered and even a little abusive.

4. Lack Of Appetite

While not exactly a behavior, if a person suddenly seems disinterested in food, this could be a sign of illegal drug use, as amphetamine-based drugs suppress the appetite. Smoking cannabis has the opposite effect and if your son or daughter seems to binge sweet things and is always smiling, this could be down to weed.

5. Inability To Focus

If a student suddenly starts to get bad grades, this could be caused by taking drugs, so keep your eyes on their academic performance and if you see a drop in performance, talk to the teacher before you approach your child, as there could easily be another reason for the drop in scores.

It is important that you monitor your child and if you know what to look for, should there be an early warning, you can intervene before too much damage is done.

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