Blog Kraken Covid Shots To Be Priced Reasonably- US Govt. Tells Vaccine Makers

Kraken Covid Shots To Be Priced Reasonably- US Govt. Tells Vaccine Makers

On Thursday, the Department of Health and Human Services declared that the vaccine makers must reconsider pricing the updated shots. In a way that “reflects the benefits they received through government investments.”

The government has planned a program for the fall to provide aid to uninsured people and continue the help that the underinsured receive. 

The Covid shots released recently have been asked to be priced reasonably by the government of the US to improve accessibility. The budget for the “Bridge Access Program” is set at $1 billion. 

The US Department appealed to vaccine makers such as Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, and Novavax. The appeal was made in line with the government’s plans to enter the commercial marketplace. The manufacturers will develop the updated versions of the vaccine, and its circulation is planned for the coming fall. 

The FDA advised the manufacturers to develop an updated version last month to release it by fall. The approval from FDA will be followed by a recommendation by the CDC for its use by late September. The manufacturers have been taking the advice seriously. 

Both Moderna and Pfizer have already completed submissions to the FDA for an updated shot. The other manufacturers are waiting in line to submit their requests, with Novavax planning to finish it by late September.

In its letter to the manufacturers, the HHS advised them to have ample stock for the upcoming vaccination campaign

The pricing is yet to be finalized as the range is targeted to be between $110 to $130 for a single dose of the updated vaccine. The vaccine against the Kraken variant of the virus is set to be distributed through the vaccination campaign starting this fall. 

The recombinant variant was identified in the US last year and quickly spread within the population, showing no immunity against the COVID-19 vaccines.

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