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What’s The Adult Circumcision Procedure Like?

Circumcision -the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis — frequently occurs nearly after birth or during childhood, especially in the Jewish and Muslim traditions. But what happens when you grow up, and you are not circumcised? The procedure can just be done as well, though much pain this time, but it is essential. 

In adult men, these operations mainly aim at removing the loose and excess foreskin from the tip of the penis. According to historical facts, circumcision remains one of the oldest and standard surgical procedures.

In the past, this was often a religious practice on the infants. But today, this procedure has some traditional, medical, cultural, and social reasons behind it. Some of the unsurmised men will always step back from the scenes of adult circumcision, while others will be curious.  

In the beginning, this process of surgery can be scary, but with the surgeon, there is nothing to worry you. They perform this procedure in the right clinical setting with the right equipment. More to that, they ensure to use different techniques so that they meet the aesthetic needs of the uncircumcised men. 

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, they will always encourage men to undergo this surgery. The reason being that circumcision could help them as it poses a lot of benefits. It could help reduce the risks of one getting sexually transmitted diseases. 


Is being circumcised or uncircumcised the right choice? 

Being circumcised or uncircumcised is a personal choice. However, many people tend to see it as a routine that all men should undergo, for adults who are not circumcised, the decision will always come from you.  

However, most of the men are choosing to undergo this procedure as it has proven to pose a lot of health benefits. The major ones being  

  • Helps cut down the risk of contracting the sexually transmitted diseases
  • PreventsBalanitis, Paraphimosis, and Balanoposthitis 
  • Lowers the chances of penile cancer and urinary tract infections
  • Gives a better appearance
  • Prevents having a tighter foreskin

You need to understand that once you undergo the process, you need to be careful during the recovery stage. In the words of a Top GP in Dubai, recovering from a surgical circumcision procedure in a protected environment, with regular dressing is essential to prevent infections from happening.

What are the risks of adult circumcision?  

Adult circumcision is usually a quite simple technique. But this does not always mean that it has no perils. The most common threats accompanying adult circumcision includes; 

1. Reattachment  

Improper reattachment of the foreskin to the penis could at times occur. And when this happens, the condition could be very uncomfortable pushing up for more surgery. 

2. Foreskin issues  

During the circumcision process, it is usually possible for the surgeon to trim the skin too short or leave it too long. These could result in additional complications and issues that could prolong the recovery process. 

3. Bleeding and infection  


It is common for you to experience some bleeding around the incision for some time or days after the process is done. Also, you can have some infections at the incision. All this could prolong the recovery process. 

4. Wound complications 

When the stitches and incision fail to heal completely, this could lead to problematic circumcision scars and also skin issues. 

5. Reactions to anesthesia  

 Before undergoing the procedure, some men will always feel some type of anesthesia. Also, they could react to some of the possible medications which could lead to headaches, vomiting, and even nausea. 

The Techniques of Adult Circumcision 

When it comes to performing this technique, several procedures can be used; 

The Sleeve Resection Technique 

When it comes to achieving this kind of adult circumcision, the surgeon uses a scalpel to make circular and two parallel incisions further down the penis slide. The surgeon then removes the foreskin in the form of ring tissues. 

 They will then pull the remaining foreskin together, sew it with medical incisions after they use electrocautery to stop the bleeding. The surgeon will always use a bandage to help stop the excessive bleeding. 

In infants, this circumcision technique is usually much more accessible. Because the most brand –new ones are typically possible when it comes to the use of individual devices covering the head of the penis. 

The Dorsal Slit 

Adult circumcision is essential as it helps reduce the chances of HIV transmission. However, most of the men do wonder what happens during the surgical procedure. What you need to know is that before circumcision, the doctors will have to inject some painkillers into the two major nerves in the penis.  

More so, they will add some around the circumference of the shaft, which helps in creating a block. After the penis becomes numb, it is when making incisions around the foreskin and snips it off.  

In this procedure, they will always use guided forceps. They grab the foreskin, pull it over the penis tips, and clamp it across with long forceps. After they have the skin in this way, they can easily make incisions along the edges with the forceps. 

 The metallic arms of these forceps are the ones that provide a guide for the surgeon as they make the incisions. They will help in protecting the penis head from any risks of injuries. 

When you use the dorsal slit technique, this will ensure you are getting a cleaner and better outcome. The foreskin will pull forward and slit along the top full making the foreskin stiff and thus removing it in a circular slit form becomes easier. However, performing this kind of surgery is usually difficult.

Regardless of your preferences, it’s important to remember that the structure of every individual will always be different. And thus, it can still have different effects on the overall procedures. Therefore, when it comes to the determination of how much circumcision the foreskin needs, the surgeon usually considers the anatomy of the patients. 

Before the surgeon performing the surgery, they will always engage in discussion with you. They can discuss the possible issues that could be affecting the penis and also try evaluating to you all the reasonable, realistic expectations. It will help you as a patient in making the right decision. 

Post Circumcision Care  

After undergoing the adult circumcision, the most crucial thing to consider for faster recovery is resting. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep. Take short walks every day and increase the speed as time goes by. With time, you can always have the bandage removed, ensure that you are using a clean towel to pat the area dry after taking a shower. 

During this time, try much harder to avoid vigorous exercises and activities for at least a month. Make sure you feel more comfortable and pain-free before you can resume back to your daily routine. 


Circumcision in men is essential. It will always have a lot of health benefits. However, in adult men who have not undergone this practice, you decide to either choose being circumcised or stay uncircumcised.  

But as per the experts, circumcision is of great importance. If you want to have an enjoyable stay, don’t escape this procedure, consider getting circumcised.  

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