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5 Reasons Why Nurses Are So Important

A person who is tough enough not to be phased by anything and is sensitive enough to comprehend everyone’s needs is referred to as a nurse. Nurses devote all their efforts to identifying and protecting the requirements of individuals throughout their entire patient experience.

Every nurse has unique strengths, passions, and expertise because of the wide variety of specializations and complex skills required in the profession of nursing. They are able to organize and care for all facets of a patient’s health, unlike doctors who mostly concentrate on one area.


Here Are Five Prime Reasons Why Nurses Are So Important

We need to examine what tasks registered nurses perform—from the relationships they build with patients to ways in which they collaborate with other practitioners—to comprehend why nurses are so crucial in modern healthcare.

1. Primary Caregivers

Primary Caregivers

A nurse’s primary responsibility is to care for patients by attending to their every need. They make sure the patients are comfortable and answer any and all questions they might have.

During overnight stays in the hospital, nurses are there around the clock to care for patients. And this includes taking care of every need, no matter how inconsequential. It may include providing patients with emotional, cultural, and spiritual care.

Nurses monitor patients’ health while documenting pertinent data to support treatment decision-making. For this, getting the necessary education is a must. Of course, the requirements can differ according to the position you’re aiming for. There are numerous online nursing programs you can enroll in to continue your education while working as a full-time nurse.

2. Main Support System of Patients

Nurses ensure patients feel supported. Nurses may act as counselors – they help patients, and their loved ones deal with their frustration and feelings regarding an illness.

They share their knowledge, educate the public, encourage healthy lifestyles, and aid in patient recovery in every facet of healthcare. Nurses may also assist patients, and their families make the right recommendations for various services and resources.

Nurses inform them about their treatment plan daily and when they leave the hospital. This is crucial for the treatment to be successful since patients need to be ready for every stage of their recovery and treatment.

They ensure patients understand their health, ailments, treatments, and medication, which is especially crucial when patients are being discharged from the hospital, but have to continue their care on their own schedule at home.

3. Patient Advocates

nurse advocates

Nurses stand up for their patients. The communication of the patient’s wishes with all of the healthcare team members is facilitated by nurse advocates. They offer unbiased direction and integrate patient-identified priorities into the treatment plan. An old proverb states that while a doctor can diagnose you, a nurse can actually save your life.

Most people are able to recall a time when a nurse made a big difference in their lives. Becoming a nurse entails improving and saving other people’s lives. Being a nurse is a good career choice if you’re searching for a job in which you can apply your desire to serve people to good use.

4. Vast Specializations

Many people thinking about a career in nursing are unaware of the many specializations available in this field. There are emergency nurses, geriatric nurses, health policy nurses, nurse educators, neonatal nurses, midwives, oncology nurses, school nurses, and many more. There is something for everyone, even though the sheer number of specialties accessible can make picking one seem a little intimidating.

Enjoy working with senior citizens? You might make a fantastic fit for geriatrics. The demand for oncology nurses is significant if you would prefer to pay tribute to a loved one who died from cancer. Epidemiology can be your preferred specialization if you are interested in illness prevention. There are many options, but it’s up to you to choose the specialty that best suits your own abilities and hobbies.

5. Provide Palliative Care – Home Care

Provide Palliative Care

Many people would rather pass their final days at home. In addition, palliative care is encouraged to be provided in primary care as much as feasible in international health policy guidelines, such as those from the World Health Organization.

Home care nurses provide one-on-one care for patients in their own homes. These patients could be elderly, seriously ill, or incapacitated. They could also be in the process of healing from surgery, an injury, or an accident. Additionally, house nurses can offer continuous support, care, and education to pregnant women.

The Resilience Of Nurses During The COVID‐19 Pandemic

The delivery of healthcare during the COVID-19 outbreak presented serious difficulties for the nursing workforce worldwide and increased their risk of burnout and turnover.

The nurses put the patients’ lives above their own and gave their best in this tough time when the expectations were high, the workload was both physically and mentally draining, and there was a lack of social support and time.

It all contributed to work stress buildup, which could then have led to fear, post-traumatic stress disorder, professional burnout, and other mental and physical health issues. Still, nurses all around the world stood their ground and worked their way through the pandemic showing resilience and strength. 

Final Thoughts

A patient’s entire medical journey is held together by nurses. They provide care from birth to death and are indispensable. Being a nurse means that despite everything you go through, you will do what no one else will in a way that no one else can.

Even though your educational path may at times be challenging, you will be rewarded with the greatest joy when you hold your nursing certificate for the first time. Nothing can ever compare to the fulfillment that comes from strengthening and saving other people’s lives!

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