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Benefits Of Working With A Dental Staffing Company

If you work in the dental profession, you know that being short-staffed can be a horrible problem. If a dental hygenist does not show up to work, you will have to get your other staff to cover for them or the dentist has to do both jobs. The other staff and the dentist will not appreciate that and neither will your patients.

Appointments will take longer when you are short on staff. Some of them will have to be rescheduled entirely. Fortunately, there are dental staffing companies that can help you when a member of your team calls in sick. They may be able to get someone to your office as quickly as possible.


Checkout Four Benefits To Working With A Dental Staffing Company:

Dental Staffing Company

Dental staffing companies have a database filled with the names, numbers, and resumes of hundreds of dental professionals. When you call them, they will go to work to find you help right away.

They will look at all the professionals in the database and find a person with the skill set you need.

There are a few benefits to working with these companies.

1. They Understand Your Business

If you go to a generic staffing agency, it is likely to have some dental professionals in its database. However, the recruiting specialist will not understand much, if anything, about the dental industry.

They might not know the appropriate questions to ask during an interview and may not understand all the training a hygienist will need to perform certain kinds of procedures.

Dental staffing agencies know exactly what licensure a dental professional needs. They will have dental professionals of every type in their database. Most of these companies were started by people who worked in the dental industry for years before getting into staffing.

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Most dental professionals will seek out a staffing agency that specializes in dentistry. They know that these agencies have long relationships with dental offices and are sure to keep them busy.

The salary for dental professionals is competitive and most dental professionals know they will get more pay when they use a dental staffing agency.

If your office is like other dental offices, you are likely to need more than one temporary a month. Some dental temporary agencies will offer a monthly rate.

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2. They Do The Legwork For You

When you enlist the help of a staffing company, they will do all of the hard work that goes into hiring someone. Not only will they interview the person, but they will also call all of their references for you.

They will also conduct a background check to make sure the person does not have any felonies or criminal charges that prevent them from working in the medical industry.

They will also check to make sure that their professional license is up to date and that they have no complaints against them with the dental board.

If you require clerical skills for a certain job, a dental staffing agency can give tests for basic office skills. It is an especially good idea to work with this kind of temporary agency if you are hoping to find a permanent employee.

3. They Will Take Care Of The Payroll And Benefits

It costs a lot of money to hire someone permanently. You will not only have to pay their salary, but you will have to pay taxes simply because you are employing them. When you go through a temporary agency, the agency will take care of the taxes.

If there is ever a legal issue, using a temporary agency gives you an extra level of protection against lawsuits. It would be harder for a worker to see you if they are not an actual employee of the company.

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If you offer your employees benefits, you know that things like health insurance can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Before you hire someone permanently, it is always a good idea to try them out as a temporary first.

That way you do not have to spend any money on health insurance and other benefits until you know that that person is a good fit for your office.

4. You, Will, Get Top Quality Workers

Dental hygienists enjoy a very low unemployment rate. Talented professionals will often choose to do freelance work so they are not tied down to a schedule.

A dental staffing company relies on dentist practices just like yours and wants to impress you. They will only send you the best people they have and they get feedback from their clients daily.

How To Choose The Best Dental Staffing Company

Best Dental Staffing Company

Several websites on the internet are devoted to reviews of dental companies. You can also check the Better Business Bureau website to make sure that there are no active complaints against a company. Contact your state’s attorney general’s office to make sure there are no complaints there either.

The staffing company that you choose should have been in business for a while. At least one of the officers should have worked in dentistry in the past.

You may also want to try dental staffing apps. Dental staffing apps are on the way to replacing typical dental staffing companies. If you want to try a service, simply download an app, sign up for an account, and order temps to your office the same way you would order an Uber.

Be sure to look for a reputable app that verifies your information and the information of the dental professionals who use it. You do not want to end up with a temporary in your office who has a suspended license or no license at all.

If you require specialized training or a certain number of years of experience, you should be able to narrow your search for those features as well.

Arriving to work to find you are short of staff can be vexing. Finding the perfect temporary can make your office more efficient. Get started today!  You can review dental staffing options here,

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