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10 Benefits of Neem Leaves

Benefits of Neem leaves is the current talk in town.  At one point in time, we have heard our parents and grandparents talk about the neem tree and the advantages it has. Just like in the traditional cultures of India, Neem tends to hold immense importance as well in the other continents.

There is a continual debate on the benefits of Neem leaves. The different active compounds in the neem tree give it an upper hand in the Ayurvedic sector. All the parts of the neem plant are essential as they are treatments for various disorders.

Neem is an herb that since thousands of centuries, it has been a great deal upon the human species. Its native continent is Indian. In India, the neem trees areas are the sites where God resides, and this makes them essential and.

In each Indian household, the neem tree has become a part. The reason being that the people believe that no evil spirits can dare come near the neem trees.

Due to its power in protection against various health disorders, itis thus marked the name of the village pharmacy. In detail, this tree has gained respect in the history of natural medicines since the old ages.

It treats various disorders and diseases. Almost all the parts of this tree have medicinal benefit. That is the barks, leaves, seeds, and flowers. Therefore, understanding the benefits of Neem leaves is crucial to human beings.

When it comes to the research world, the neem tree is one of the trees which researchers are focusing on their research. It is due to its vast known benefits both for health and the environment.

It helps in the cleansing of air, which aids in keeping the level of oxygen in balance, therefore keeping the global climate hygienic in a natural manner.

Some of the products that come from the neem plant include the oils, chemical pesticides, soaps, skin cleansers, and shampoos. These products form the basis for understanding the benefits of Neem leaves.

When you boil the leaves of the neem tree, the soup that you obtain, you can use it in the curing of the different types of infectious skin diseases. In some places like in the Asian countries, the Neem leaves the water is used for bathing as it is a cure for the acne ailment.


What are the benefits of Neem Leaves?

Neem tree

After the worldwide research of the neem tree, unlike the past where it dominated in Asian and Indian countries, it has dominated everywhere. Its high acceptance necessitated when the Indians started exporting medicines that they made from Neem.

Its other benefits are pests and insects control, control of soil erosion, flood prevention and high fertility of soil to name but a few. The list of benefits of Neem leaves is endless, especially when looking at human health.

Three Main Categories on the Benefits of Neem Leaves:

1. Pest and disease control:

The extracts of the barks, seeds, and leaves are beneficial in the treatment of skin infections and scabies. These are great substitutes of permethrin since in prolonged complication of scabies neem has turned to be the most effective.

When you apply the Neem leaves juice over the scalp, this can be a cure of human head lice. The extract from the neem leaves will help in destroying the insects by making it infertile and also unable to breed.

This preference thus prevents the further spread of the lice. It is one of the main benefits of Neem leaves that people use in their daily lives.

2. Medicinal usages:

In the different regions of Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, the twigs of the neem tree serve as toothbrushes that are it is useful in dental care. Also, the oil extracted from the kernel and seeds of the neem tree has been much used in the cosmetic industry to manufacture creams, balms, soaps, and shampoos.

In the cases where people are suffering from chickenpox, the traditional herbal medicines are suggesting sleeping on the neem leaves for a cure. You cannot overlook medical use when discussing the benefits of Neem leaves.

3. Horticulture usages:

The neem tree is an excellent source of biopesticides that are friendly to the environment. The presence of limonoids present in the bark, leaves, and seeds is very active in controlling insect growth.

That is it alters the life processing behaviors of the insects in a manner causing the insect unable to breed, undergo metamorphosis or breed.

The neem plant especially the neem leaves, are loaded with a wide range of skin and health benefits. You can choose to consume the leaves in the form of pastes, in teas or you can want to chew the twigs that you have plucked from the tree.

It has been a routine since the old age .this has made the neem leaves gain more reputation worldwide. Therefore, the benefits of Neem leaves in horticulture are immense.

The Ayurveda well professes the advantages of consuming neem leaves for generations. Be it the pungent and bitter, the neem leaves can significantly help in the balancing of our neuromuscular disorders and Vata.

More so, it helps in the removal of toxins from our blood enhancing activities of free radical scavenging. Also, when you chew the neem leaves, this can aid in nourishing of our hair and the treatment of headache.

Specific Benefits of Neem Leaves:

This section focuses on the particular benefits of Neem leaves. The list is endless, but we will only discuss ten of them.

1. Helps in Fighting Malaria:

According to research conducted in the year 2009, Neem is seen to be natural mosquito repellents. More research is underway though still unclear shows that the neem leaves are an effective way in the reduction of malaria while minimizing the dangers of the disease.

Still, the relationship between malaria and Neem is that it acts as a natural insect repellent, which is nontoxic. These neem leaves are highly effective repellents of mosquitos, the main malaria vectors. It is one of the benefits of Neem leaves that we cannot leave behind in our discussion.

2. Nourishment of the Hair:

Whenever you chew the neem leaves, this can turn out to be of great benefit to your hair as well due to the high levels of antioxidants. That is the Neem will help in the protection of the scalp from the oxidative stresses due to free radicals.

The other significant benefitoftheNeemleaves is that it helps in the stimulation of healthy cell divisions and supporting of the hair follicle growth around the scalp regions. In the case your hair has dandruff, it’s damaged, and undernourished washing with boiled neem water can help combat.

It’s due to the antifungal properties found in the neem leaves that works against fungi that cause these problems. It is among the top benefits of Neem leaves in the region.

neem flower

3. Neem Leaves Help Boost the Immune System:

Since neem leaves are rich in antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiviral when you chew them, they can tend to be most effective in the strengthening of your immune systems. Manohar has it that these leaves help in the prevention of damages threat may be brought about by free radicals.

Thus this brings down the risk of various diseases ranging from heart diseases, cancer to the flue. By the destruction of these bacteria’s that are harmful to the health, the consumption of neem leaves will help further in boosting the immune system.

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4. Viral disease:

In India, the neem leaves serve are being used in the treatment of viral infections. The extracts from the Neem leave help in the elimination and absorption of viruses. In the case of injuries, one can apply the neem paste on the infected parts.

Since the Neem will absorb the virus, protecting them from infesting the unaffected areas .also it helps in the treatment of smallpox, chickenpox, and warts. When you take tea that you prepare from Neem, it will help in the relieving of herpes.

5. Improvement of digestion:

When you consume the neem leaves, this is good for the liver as they will enhance the production of bile juice that improves digestion. Also, daily consumption of the neem leaves will aid in the destruction of the excess bacteria’s in the intestines, cleansing the colon.

When you do this, it facilitates smooth digestions. Most people take advantage of these benefits of Neem leaves to enhance the performance of their body system.

neem leaves

6. Oral health:

When you walk to continents like India, you will find out that people are brushing their teeth’s using the neem twigs. Also, when you chew neem leaves, this can help in bringing forth the oral benefits and multiple dental.

Due to its antibacterial properties, the Neem leaves fight germs. Also, they help in maintaining the alkalinity level of the saliva. When you chew the neem leaves, they will not only lend you a shiny set of pearl white teeth’s. But also they will be effective against gum infections and plaque formation.

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7. Curative of injuries:

When you are experiencing the burn injuries, this can recover faster by the application of the Neem leaves the water. The neem water will help the burnt parts recovering more quickly within the shortest times. Thus, this will assist in the protection against allergies and further infections on the areas infected.

8. Noble for the eyes:

According to Ayurveda neem leaves are very vital for one’s eyes. When you chew the neem leaves, this improves your vision. In the case, there is any presence of irritation, redness, or tiredness of the eyes, and you can boil some neem leaves. You can then let the strained water from the leaves cool down and wash your eyes.

neem leaves

9. Skin benefits:

We cannot overlook the skin when looking at the benefitsofNeemleaves. Murli Manohar, in his book ` Ayurveda for All, ` comes out with a list of the various ways Neem leaves can benefit your skin. Through the consumption of the neem leaves can aid in removing toxins, and purification of the blood, giving us more transparent skins. Its potent antibacterial properties work wonders on infections, skin problems, and even burns.

When you chew the neem leaves, they do not only give you radiant, nourished, and purified the skin. They also help in the treatment of some mild skin diseases.

At times chewing the neem leaves can be bitter to some people, you can choose to boil the neem leaves and drinking the strained water mixed with honey.

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10. Cardiac care:

The last point on our list of ten benefits of Neem leaves is cardiac care.  When you drink Neem that has boiled water, this helps in the control of high blood sugar and a cleanser of the blood.

The extract from these neem leaves is usually effective in preventing damages from the free radicals, purification of blood, and removal of toxins, thus defending against inflictions.

More so, when one consumes the neem leaves, this relaxes the erratic heartbeat, thus controlling high blood pressure. That is, the intake of the neem leaves will help in the dilation of the blood vessels, and therefore, this improves the blood circulation while decreasing the pre-eminent heart rates.

Besides the above benefits of the Neem leaves, we can also find that the Neem is a perfect source in moisturizing the skins. The oil that is extracted from the Neem when you combine with the fatty acids and vitamins will help in moisturizing and conditioning of the surfaces.

Thus, this gives one a surface that is more youthful and clearer. Neem oil will repair damages skins limiting the effects of the changes in the environment that can lead to the damaging of the surfaces.


The neem plant has been in existence since the old ages. It was the first predominant in the Indian nations, but due to its adverse benefits, it has found its way into the other countries.  All the parts of the neem tree are it the barks, leaves, and seeds play an important role be it to the environment or the health benefits.

However, the neem leaves have taken the lead due to the adverse benefits they render. The neem leaves have so many properties that make it more significant. The presence of some components in the leaves make it free from fungal, diabetic, viral, bacterial, and infertility disorders.

Therefore, there are many benefits of Neem leaves. That is it aids in the prevention of leprosy, the various eyes disorders, stomach upsets, intestinal worms, the blood vessels and heart diseases, liver problems, the prevention of malaria, improvement of the digestion, and also in the oral health.

It implies the reason why the neem plant has taken its way in the herbal industry as one of the natural remedies for various ailments.

However, despite all these benefits of Neem leaves, we can get from consuming the neem leaves, some precautions need to be into consideration. In the case, one has an allergy, or they are susceptible; it is then necessary for them to take precaution measures.

It is always advisable to do a patch test first in the case it is your first time using the neem leaves. You can rub drops of Neemleave parts of your skins or the inner forearms or wait to see the reactions.

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