Blog CTS 360 Review – Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects, Cost & Is It Safe?

CTS 360 Review – Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects, Cost & Is It Safe?

After coming across CTS 360 review, I realized that losing weight has become so important today that people are taking varieties of weight loss supplements that can do some magic in their weight. However, in the end, they realized that the consequences of the same. 

CTS 360 is a weight loss supplement that claimed to burn fat and boost metabolism during sleep. This dietary product is produced and developed by the US company Complete Nutrition. 

The manufacturers claimed that the CTS360 supplement contains a variety of fat burning ingredients that can help people to lose weight effectively. However, the results were not as expected. Let’s know this in detail.


What Is CTS360? – All You Need To Know

What Is CTS360? - All You Need To Know

As already discussed above, CTS360 is a diet supplement and claims to reduce weight in just a few weeks. This supplement is a clinical kit that consists of three different types of supplements which you need to add to your daily routine.

On the other hand, after analyzing the CT36 review, this fat loss pill has various side effects. It contains synephrine, stimulants, and other sources of caffeine that can increase heart issues and raise blood pressure levels. 

CTS 360 Ingredients In Detail

CTS 360 Ingredients In Detail

CTS 360 diet pill consists of several ingredients, and maximum ingredients are proven to reduce weight and maintain a fit body. At the same time, it will reduce your stress and depression due to overweight. Now, let’s discuss the top major ingredients in CTS360 in detail. 

1. Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous is commonly used in many weight loss supplements. This ingredient improves athletic performance and gives you an energy boost

2. Synephrine

This is a plant-based ingredient that has an effect on stimulating the nervous system, increasing heart rate, and raising blood pressure. However, synephrine has side effects such as migraine headaches, heart stroke, insomnia, and much more.

3. Gum Guggul

Gum Guggul ingredient is found in CTS360 that is derived from several native plants. This is actually used for lowering high cholesterol, skin disease, and also for weight loss.

4. White Willow Bark

White Willow Bark acts like aspirin and is used for pain, including menstrual cramps, joint pain, muscle pain, headache, gout, and much more.

5. Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea leaf extract is rich in antioxidants, reduces the risk of cancer, promotes heart health, helps in weight loss, and boosts your exercise performance daily.

6. Theobromine

Theobromine is also found in CTS360 that aids in a healthy respiration system, improves cough, increases energy, and protects the heart in many ways.

7. Yohimbe Root Bark

Yohimbe Root Bark ingredients help in weight loss, improves sexual performance, erectile dysfunction, promote high blood pressure, angina, and much more. 

8. Gelatin

Gelatin is another ingredient that is found in this pill and claims to boost bone strength, sleep quality, weight loss, helps in digestion, easing joint pain, and much more.

9. Soyabean Oil

Soyabean oil consists of 3 fatty acids that promote skin health, bone health, and it is very versatile and easy to use. However, the research found that it leads to diabetes and obesity.

10. L-Theanine

According to CTS360 reviews, the supplement improves cognitive performance, boosts the immune system, reduces blood pressure, aids in relaxation, and helps in weight loss to some extent.  

#Other Ingredients 

Other ingredients in CTS360 are gelatin, sulbutiamine, evodiamine, ho shou wu, PEA, etc. Some of these ingredients can even cause side effects.

CTS 360 Benefits & Side Effects 

CTS 360 Benefits & Side Effects 

CTS360 includes four varieties of supplements with the same general ingredients. According to the CTS360 review, you can add these pills to your daily dose and examine whether it adds value to your weight loss or not. 

Our experts advise that you must not take any kind of supplement because it has many side effects. The best way to lose weight is to try the best weight loss equipment such as a treadmill, weight watchers scale, waist trimmer belt, and many more.

On the other hand, before using this supplement, keep in mind that CTS360 is not for long-term use. You are likely to observe any side effects when taking CTS360 regularly. The common side effects of this pill are as follows.

  • Restlessness
  • Diarrhea.
  • Increased blood pressure levels
  • Anxiety, mood swings, and paranoia
  • Itching, difficulty in breathing, and vomiting.
  • Headaches, illness, and nausea.
  • CTS 360 Review & Is It Safe?

As discussed above, CTS360 results claimed that the pill is not safe to use in the long run. At the same time, if you are allergic to any kind of ingredient in CTS360, then you must immediately inform your doctor.

Therefore, CTS 360 weight loss is not effective for most individuals, and very few stores sell this pill. You need to very careful while choosing this supplement.

CTS360 Cost

CTS360 Cost

Compared to other weight loss pills found online, CTS 360 is highly expensive when we came across CTS 360 reviews. The price of CTS360 on the official website is $69.99 that contains sixty capsules. 

On the other hand, if the formula does not benefit you, you can claim a 30-day money-back guarantee. But you need to consider the ingredients of this pill in detail before choosing.


Customers are not satisfied with CTS360 because the majority of ingredients consist of several side effects. At the same time, it is expensive as well, and all cannot afford it. Thus, the above-listed information will help you to pick a suitable weight loss option in the long run. 

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