Blog Biggest Healthcare Breach: HCA Reports An Impact On 11 Million Healthcare Service Users

Biggest Healthcare Breach: HCA Reports An Impact On 11 Million Healthcare Service Users

In a shocking report released by the U.S Healthcare giant, the personal details of nearly 11 million people were stolen. This happened almost six days ago. This comes after the claims made by a user on a famous cybercrime forum that declared trading the stolen data. 

The corporation released a website notice informing its readers of the data stolen from the records. They specified that the personal details included name, address, and related information such as state, city, and ZIP code. The sensitive data also included their email address, date of birth, gender, locations, and service dates. Including the details on the next appointment. 

Amidst the technological advance, it may be alarming. However, users can control damage by changing passwords from all the places where the information has been used. 

On the bright side, the corporation has reported no hindrance in service. Importantly, it is true that hackers can use this personal information against the patient, which can be detrimental. However, no clinical or sensitive information was compromised. 

The hacker reportedly contacted the corporation to “meet the demands until the 10th,” the details of which are unclear. HCA is cautious about stating the exact day it was aware of the theft. However, the hospital has clarified that the hacker used an external storage location to format the email messages. 

The healthcare provider immediately restricted access to the storage location and offered additional services. The provision of monitoring and protection services for identity and credit, wherever applicable. The regulatory and legal obligations were said to be fulfilled by the healthcare giants. 

With nearly 290-odd breaches within the first half, the health sector must regularize its data protection to prevent further damage. Such breaches lead to the loss of faith in the healthcare services which can affect the health at large. 

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