Blog Musclemeds Carnivor Mass Review – Reviews, Benefits, Price & How It Works?

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass Review – Reviews, Benefits, Price & How It Works?

Musclemeds carnivor mass is a beef protein isolate powder. It is a special whey protein that is a more popular protein supplement. Here, you can ask, why is it special, and is it really more effective than other protein powders for muscle gain?

In order to search for these questions, I conducted research on it and will mention them here. For those looking for new whey protein, I would suggest going through this article before going to an e-commerce site to buy new supplements.

So, let’s see musclemeds carnivor mass— benefits, side effects, cost, ingredients, and many more. 


What Is Musclemeds Carnivor Mass?

Carnivor is a supplement protein powder powered by Musclemeds. According to the company statement, many users gain muscles at a rate “unsurpassed by whey protein”. Generally, whey protein is the most common protein supplement among gym-going people.

What Is Musclemeds Carnivor Mass?

This product clinically tested beef protein combines pure “hydrolyzed beef protein isolate” with iSpike, which is known as dual action insulin signal amplifying technology.

iSpike is designed to increase the anabolic effects of insulin in improving muscle receptors. It can also increase protein synthesis. Therefore, it is important to know whether it is more effective for bodybuilders or not. 

Musclemeds promises benefits: 

  • Boosts growth
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Increase body energy to perform high-intensity exercise
  • More concentrated than steak protein

Well, let’s dig deep into the protein aspect of the Musclemeds carnivor mass.

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Musclemeds Carnivor Mass Reviews

I always suggest to my readers that before taking any protein powder or supplements, you must go through the product’s details.

Check every ingredient and side effect before investing money in it. This is the reason for writing this article. Let’s get into the central part of Musclemeds carnivor mass without wasting your time. 

Ingredients Of Musclemeds Carnivor Mass

Ingredients Of Musclemeds Carnivor Mass

I must point out that Musclemeds carnivor mass has numerous ingredients. Here, I jotted down every main ingredient that you should know.


It is a trademark ingredient that is made from Beef protein. According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition,

“the results of this study further support the benefits of protein supplementation following resistance training. Specifically, in this study consumption of two-servings of beef protein isolate or whey resulted in significant gains in lean body mass over time, which outpaced gains resultant from resistance training alone (maltodextrin supplementation).”

International Society of Sports Nutrition
  • Creatine Monohydrate

It is a lab-made chemical ingredient that naturally influences the brain and muscles. This ingredient is also found in red meat and seafood.

It has been used to increase exercise power. Muscle gain and increasing athletic power are the specialists of this ingredient.

  • Leucine

It is an amino acid that helps to make proteins. It is a BCCA (branched-chain amino acid). Leucine works on fat, liver, and muscle tissues. Generally, the body can’t produce this amino acid, but you can find it in foods. For example, chicken, dairy, beef, fish, and eggs.

  • L-Isoleucine

It is an amino acid that is included in Musclemeds carnivor mass. This amino acid is also involved in the production of protein.

  • Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology Intermediates

This ingredient plays a significant part in recycling amino acids and reducing ammonia in the body. Three amino acids are present in this formula:

GKG – Glutamine-alpha-ketoglutarate helps promote weight loss.

OKG – Ornithine-alpha-ketoglutarate is produced naturally in the body. This ingredient is also used to produce medicines. It improves muscle growth.

AKG – Alpha-ketoglutarate is a glutamine precursor that occurs naturally in the body. It helps build muscle. 

  • Hydrolyzed Gelatin

Hydrolyzed Gelatin can be found in the jelly. This ingredient comes from collagen in different animal body parts. It helps to make the protein shake mix better. 

  • Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is a sugar substitute. It can improve mouthfeel and reduce dryness as well.

  • Cocoa

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass used cocoa to make the chocolate flavor. This ingredient is the source of theobromine and caffeine.

  • Other Ingredients
  • Salt
  • Silica
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame potassium

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Musclemeds Carnivor Mass—What Should You Expect?

How does Musclemeds Carnivor Mass work on Your body? —- you should focus on this question before buying whey protein or supplements. Here, I am focusing on the main area where you need to look at once. 

  • Faster Protein – Faster Muscle Growth

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass is based on beef protein which is an anabolic protein. It provides beef protein isolate to bodybuilders and promises them to reach their goals fast.

It takes a lot of vitamins and amino acids and influences insulin to improve body power. These ingredients will make your body capable of working hard and gaining achievements.

  • The key Of Muscle Building: iSpike Technology

iSpike technology enhanced the ability of quick absorption. See, when you consume some highly complex supplements, your body requires some ingredients to absorb those complex elements.

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass work on this matter and make your body capable of rich exercise. It maintains your body’s digestion and keeps your body hydrated. Plus, it encourages insulin spikes.

  • Multi- Action Enzyme System

High nutrient technology and amino acids improve the enzyme system. Musclemeds Carnivor Mass has a package of insulin properties. It helps to lose extra fat in your body.

For those who practiced advanced bodybuilding exercises, Carnivor mass musclemeds is the solid choice.

Nutrition Fact Of Musclemeds Carnivor Mass

Nutrition Fact Of Musclemeds Carnivor Mass
NutrientsQuantity(Chocolate Powder)Chocolate Peanut Butter PowderFruit Punch PowderStrawberry PowderVanilla Caramel PowderCookies & Cream Powder
Dietary fiber2g2g0g0g0g

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass: Pros And Cons

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass: Pros And Cons
It comes with beef protein isolate.It contains chocolate peanut butter which is not safe for those who are nut allergic.
This product is made with high technology.It is only available online.
Musclemeds carnivor mass is contained with calorie- free artificial sweet elements. It makes it sweet without including extra calories.In Canada, musclemeds carnivor mass is not for sale. Plus, not every flavor is available online.
Those who are lactose intolerant, this whey protein is the best choice.If you intake more than the dose, it will affect your body badly.

How To Use It— Directions

Generally, you can mix 1 scoop of Carnivor in 6-8 fl. Oz. of cold water in a shaker bottle. It will make a foam texture after mixing.

You can intake it multiple times in a day, but follow as your trainer or health expert suggests. It depends on person to person and their goals. Consuming Time—

  • Post Workout.
  • After waking in the morning.
  • After your last meal.

Note: Remember, don’t consume it frequently.

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass Side Effects

See, Musclemeds carnivor mass diet supplement has some side effects. More or less, every whey protein or supplement contains allergic elements.

Musclemeds carnivor mass is not exceptional. The ingredient cocoa is in the chocolate peanut butter and chocolate flavors. This product offers different flavors; one of them is the peanut butter flavor.

Chocolate peanut flavor contains peanuts that are not safe for those who are allergic. So be careful before consuming this flavor of Musclemeds carnivor mass.

Note: It is not made for pregnant women, nursing women, infants or children.

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass: What Consumer Are Saying

You may not trust my word and it is quite possible. This is the reason I am sharing real consumer reviews on it. Check them out before going to an e-commerce site to buy Musclemeds carnivor mass.

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass review
Musclemeds Carnivor Mass (1)
Musclemeds Carnivor Mass review (1)

Source of above reviews

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass review (2)
Musclemeds Carnivor Mass review (4)

Source of above reviews

How Much Money Do You Need To Expense? 

Musclemeds carnivor mass’s price range from $41.24 to $69.74, plus you need to spend $4.99 for shipping. 2 pounds of Musclemeds carnivor mass is the lowest price which you can serve 28 times.

On the other hand, more expensive Musclemeds carnivor mass can be served 56 times which comes up with 4 pounds. You can also find an 8 pound packet on Amazon for $83.95 for 100 servings. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now you are at the end of the article; I shared everything about Musclemeds carnivor mass. Besides this, you must take a look below. I mentioned common questions that users of animal cuts raised…

Q1. Does Carnivor Taste Like Beef?

No, it does not taste like beef. Though it is a beef-based protein which is best for lactose intolerants. Many consumers say that you’ll never know it was from beef if you skip the label. 

Q2. How Many Flavors Musclemeds Carnivor Mass Offers? 

1. Cookies & Cream
2. Chocolate
3. Fruit Punch
4. Strawberry
5. Chocolate peanut butter
6. Vanilla caramel

Q3. How To Contact Carnival Customer Service?

1. Email:
2. Phone: (888) 783-8844
3. Customer Service Hours: 9 AM-4 PM EST
4. Headquarters Address: 163 East Main St Ste 324 Little Falls, NJ 07424
5. Phone: (888) 575-7067

Final Words: Is It Worth It?

Based on my research on Musclemeds carnivor mass and its consumer reviews, it is the best choice instead of normal whey protein. Carnivor mass’s iSpike technology makes it different from others.

Musclemeds carnivor mass is available on every established e-commerce site along with its official website. Consumers love it because Musclemeds produce different flavors of carnivor mass.

However, make sure you don’t consume it frequently in a day. It is your body; remember that. It is a protein powder, not food. These are all about Musclemeds carnivor mass.

If you are already using this product, please share your opinion in the comment section if I missed any point to mention here. Your respective words mean a lot to readers and me too; till then, stay happy and healthy.

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