Blog Root Canal Cracked Tooth – What To Do? Is It Treatable? [Dental Guide]

Root Canal Cracked Tooth – What To Do? Is It Treatable? [Dental Guide]

There is a common question: can a cracked tooth after root canal be saved? Here is everything that you need to know about. 

So, are you suffering from a root canal cracked tooth? And you are unable to find the reason. You must know that a healthy tooth is also prone to a crack. So is the root canal. There can be many reasons that you are having naturally cracked teeth, and there are times when a cracked root tooth may appear.

Sometimes the reason is a failed root canal. Recently, root canal treatment has been a trend, and most people are having a treatment to protect their teeth in advance. Also, a crack is one of the side effects that come after a root canal treatment. There may be a fracture as well. You may also feel pain, and sometimes x-ray does not find the fracture. This means it is nearly impossible that you can find it at your home, so it is necessary to visit the dentist. 

A dentist can easily find a root canal cracked tooth. Before going further, you must know that natural teeth are stronger than root canal teeth. The reason is that there is no pulp in the tooth, which has been taken out while the root canal.


How To Know If Someone Has A Root Canal Cracked Tooth?

Root canal cracked tooth

As I have already mentioned, finding a root canal tooth at home. And most of the time, there is no pain as well. Let me give you an example. Suppose you have a cracked root canal tooth, but there is no pain at all. If the problem is there for several months, the damage will increase with time. Then you start feeling the pain, and by the time you know it, the crack becomes severe. 

So, the best recommendation is that if you recently did a root canal treatment, then go for a check-up after a specific time to check if there is any problem or not. When you visit a dentist, they will check your teeth through an x-ray, and there is a high chance that the dentist can identify the problem in the beginning stage. 

There is also another way to detect a crack in the canal which is a much easier process. This is called a fibre-optic light. 

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Root Canal Cracked Tooth

If you have the issue, then you need to treat your cracked tooth or broken root canal tooth. Most times, the dentist needs to perform another root canal treatment. But there are times when a dental crown is enough to make your tooth protected from any other further damage. But, there are different costs for this dental crown. But, if your dentist finds out any other things happened, then they can give you a discount on the second time root canal treatment.

Root Canal Cracked Tooth: What Are The Symptoms?

If you are worried already, then you must take care in advance. And in those cases where there is no pain at all, that is also a problem. So, my recommendation is to check for the symptoms. Here are the ones you should take care of.

  • The first symptom is face sensitivity while you are eating anything cold or hot. But sometimes, the sensitivity may appear while biting as well.
  • There is also persistent toothache around the root canal area.
  • See, if you feel any sharp cracks in your tooth while running your tongue through the tooth.

If your cracked tooth is untreated, then there will be a huge problem. The worst that can happen to your tooth is that it can penetrate your gum line. After that, you may have to face gum disease and bacterial problems as well. 

What Will Happen At The Dentist?

When you visit the doctor for your appointment, there will be a thorough examination to determine the problem, in this case, a broken or cracked tooth. Your dentist will perform an x-ray to determine what is necessary for your tooth.

The treatment is normally very straightforward. There are ways to restore the tooth with another root canal. There is also another process which is called a dental crown. This will protect your tooth from any further damage.

If the crack is severe, then the tooth needs to be extracted. Otherwise, the damaged tooth can harm other teeth. In that case, there will be a gap in your tooth, and you will be recommended to form a replacement or treatment for filling the gap. This can be a dental implant. There is a common thing that you must know, which is cracked tooth root canal vs extraction.

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Here are some questions and answers that you may find important and interesting.

Q1. Can A Cracked Root Canal Tooth Be Saved?

Ans: These days, cracked roots can easily be treated, and the root canal is straightforward. Naturally, dentists restore the tooth in different ways, like a dental crown or root canal. So that there will be no further damage. But, when it comes to a crack that is difficult to repair, in that case, the teeth need to be extracted.

Q2. How Do You Fix A Broken Root Canal?

Ans: When the root is still intact and the top of the tooth is broken, the endodontist or the dentist performs root canal therapy.  An endodontist is someone who specializes in root canals. First, they post in the canal or place a pin, then they make sure that the structure is fine, or you can say the crown is well enough to keep the structure.

Q3. Can A Cracked Root Canal Tooth Hurt?

Ans: This is a very common question that most people ask. The moment a root canal finishes, the canal becomes brittle. The reason is that the blood supply of the tooth is filled. So, after the root canal, then someone can bite down, and an existing crack or the crack of the root may grow down the root. In that case, the person with the treatment may feel pain in the crown while biting in certain ways. Sometimes, they also feel the pain come and go.

Final Words

So, I hope now you have enough information about root canal crack tooth, what are the symptoms, how to treat that, chipped root canal tooth and anything necessary to this. There is also a question that people are curious to know about: the cost of repairing a broken root canal tooth.

Normally, there is no fixed cost for this treatment. There are different costs that you may have to spend depending on the condition and how complicated the issue is.

If you have anything to know more about, please reach us through the comment section below.

Thank You.

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