Blog Can You Eat After A Root Canal? – What Expert Dentists Are Saying?

Can You Eat After A Root Canal? – What Expert Dentists Are Saying?

Q. Can You Eat After A Root Canal?

Ans: Yeas. 

What can you eat after a root canal? There are certain foods that you can eat after a root canal. This is the most common question that we are facing from the patient and common people. After a root canal surgery, every patient asks their surgent “what can I eat now?”

The easy answer should be as soft, cold food as you can eat. Well, let us cover some basic things first. 

A root canal is a dental cleanness process where the tooth is cleaned from the deep inside. In some cases, teeth are replaced with a strong filling material. The tooth is capable of functioning normally and is free from cavities and pain. 

Sometimes, doctors go for surgery at the apex of the tooth to reduce all the infected tissue. To do this therapy, a few stickers can be required. However, it can be said that 8.2% of the entire population of the world goes through this process. And, 95% of the surgery or the medication is successful. 

Let’s come to the point of do’s and don’ts in the eating factor. Yes, you should follow the doctor’s suggestion. Although, you can read the below part to educate yourself about certain factors before entering into the therapy of root canals. 


What To Eat After Root Canal? 

What To Eat After Root Canal

Can You Eat After A Root Canal?— here are the foods that you can eat after a root canal. 

applesaucecooked vegetablesmashed potatoes
frozen yogurthummus
peanut butterrice
bananasscrambled eggs
yogurtsoft bread
puddings or flansoft cheese

As you feel that your gum and teeth are less sore and able to face additional food, you can gradually eat other food. But, we must say that before adding on additional food, you must visit your dentist for a final checkup. 

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When To Eat After A Root Canal?

When To Eat After A Root Canal

Now, you may ask how long after a root canal can you eat? This question was naturally raised after knowing the food list. Well, you can eat 30 to 45 minutes after a root canal. The Dental said that this time is enough to allow your canal to function properly to face soft and cold food. 

It is crucial to hold your hunger if you get it immediately after the root canal because your tongue and gum are sometimes numb. 

On this note, we would say that you must avoid hot food, like hot soup. Many people think that hot soup can relieve them, but unfortunately, it is not. Hot food can increase your pain. Plus, your temporary filling can be damaged. The dentist places a temporary cap over the root canal until the permanent crown is ready. Can I eat after a root canal? Not the immediate time. So, you need to keep your patience until your dentist allows you to eat or drink. 

What Type Of Food You Should Avoid After A Root Canal?

What Type Of Food You Should Avoid After A Root Canal

Now, you know what types of foods to eat after root canal. Apart from this, you should have knowledge of what foods you should avoid. The dentist strictly asked you to avoid some food until they placed the permanent crown over the root canal. 

Just soft foods are extremely beneficial similarly, foods that are hard to chew are strictly avoided after a root canal.  Don’t eat dry food like nuts, dates, and any other seeds. Along with these, sticky food is also avoidable. For instance, caramels, chocolates, candies, or gum. 

Can You Eat After A Root Canal? Yes, you can, but you should avoid extremely hot or cold food. The tooth is sometimes sensitive to this temperature, especially after a permanent or temporary crown is placed. 

Some Post-Procedure Best Practice 

Some Post-Procedure Best Practice

Soreness before the root canal is the normal factor. It can be said that patients visit the dentist when they feel soreness. Before and after a root canal soreness is a normal factor. In this case, you can control the pain instead of reducing it. 

Your dentist may suggest some medication like pain relievers antibiotics such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen.  Other recommendations including 

If the dentist prescribed antibiotics, then take them as per your dentist’s suggestion. This is true that antibiotics are beneficial to protect from infection. 

When To Call Your Dentist?

When To Call Your Dentist

“ Can you eat after a root canal or what can I eat after a root canal”— we solved this question. Now, we should catch the part when you need to call your dentist after a root canal. 

It is important to understand when you need to make an emergency call to your dentist. So, let’s check this– 

  • Fever.
  • Allergic Reaction, Such As Itching Or Rash. 
  • Severe Pressure Or Pain In Your Mouth.
  • Swelling That Gets Worse Instead Of Better. 

These are some common situations when you should call your dentist, if you face any other issue, please call your dentist without any hesitation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Now you got the answer to the question “can you eat after a root canal?” Apart from this, you should take a look at the section below to learn what other people have questions about.

Q1. Can I Eat Before Root Canal? 

Ans: Yes, you can eat normal food before a root canal. Your dentist may suggest some medication to take before the root canal. You just follow them to cooperate with the process. 

Q2. Can I Brush My Teeth After A Root Canal?

Ans: Can I Brush My Teeth After A Root Canal? The easy answer is yes, you can. It is very rare, the dentist suggests you do not brush after a root canal. 

Q3. How Long Will It Hurt To Eat After Root Canal?

Ans: Soreness can be lust up to two to three days after the therapy. Your tooth can be more sensitive so avoid hard and extremely hot and cold food. 

Final Words

Can you eat after a root canal— no need to ask this question anymore. If you are getting into the process, then you should know the after and before the procedure of the root canal. It is the most important thing that helps you to reduce soreness. 

Generally speaking, once your gums and mouth are no longer numb, you will enjoy the soft food. However, your dentist instructs you in detail about what you should do and don’t. You just follow up on this, that’s all, till they keep smiling and spreading smiles. 

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