Blog 8 Ways Probiotic Skin Treatments Can Restore Your Glow

8 Ways Probiotic Skin Treatments Can Restore Your Glow

You may know by now that probiotics may help with your skin’s microbiome. The nutrients probiotics add and the overall positive environment it creates in your skin all lead to making a significant difference for the microbe to survive.

With this effect, probiotics, then, become the key players in ensuring that healthy bacteria continue to thrive in the body. Those healthy bacteria are responsible for renewing and promoting healthy cells for overall health, the skin included.

So, it’s not surprising that one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry today relates to microbe-friendly skincare products, like a probiotic skincare treatment. They claim to show promising effects in restoring your glow. Here are ways probiotics do it:


1. They Work As A Skin Protective Shield

1. They Work As A Skin Protective Shield

Two of the most pressing reasons why the skin loses its glow are when it’s exposed to all the harmful external elements and when it ages. This is the reason why you’ll need to use products that provide your skin with that added layer of protection or shield.

Probiotic skin treatments can work successfully as that shield. They’re able to keep undesirable microorganisms, like bad bacteria and fungi, away from your skin. That way, the possible negative effects on your skin that lead to aging are possibly reduced.

2. They Fortify Your Skin

This second benefit applies to those individuals who suffer from chronic inflammation. They include patients with skin diseases, like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Unfortunately, because of the effects, those skin diseases have during flare-ups, the skin’s glow may suffer and be hampered.

Using probiotic skincare products may help in this regard. The living microorganisms and good bacteria found on the skin are recognized by the body’s immune system. In effect, less inflammation may happen, which also results in fewer onsets of flare-ups. When your skin doesn’t succumb to those ill effects, your glow can be restored and maintained.

3. They’re Friendly Enough For Sensitive Skin

They’re Friendly Enough For Sensitive Skin

People have different skin types, therefore, requiring different skincare regimens and products as well. For those with sensitive skin, you’ll have to be a lot gentler on your skin. Using harsh products may be too harsh on your sensitive skin, going as far as stripping your skin off its natural oils and nutrients. Rather than be beneficial to your skin, your current skin regimen may be hurting your sensitive skin even more.

If you’re one of those with sensitive skin, using probiotic skincare products is, therefore, a good idea. Incorporating probiotics into your skincare routine may help your sensitive skin speed up the repair process. This means that equilibrium in your skin is maintained, building its resilience and immunity. When used consistently, your chosen probiotic skincare products can, therefore, contribute positively to restoring damaged skin’s glow.

4. They Provide Antimicrobial Action

When the skin is invaded by bacteria, it can lose its health and glow, too. This is evident through signs like dry and pasty skin, premature aging, the presence of wrinkles, and being acne-prone.

With probiotics being a rich source of good bacteria, this means your skin is going to receive enough good bacteria to fight off the bad. Through this positive effect, the possibility of skin inflammation is prevented, thereby stopping the onset of regular acne.

5. They Protect Against Pollution

The more you go out, the more your skin is exposed to free radicals, like pollution. Like bacteria, these, too, can significantly damage your skin’s condition. When pollution eats up your skin, aging is accelerated and the skin is zapped off its healthy radiance. Whether applied topically or taken orally, probiotics can boost the skin’s defense against those aggressors.

Simply put, probiotic skincare products can bring about these positive effects in fighting off pollution:

  • They calm the immune system response that pollution and stress stimulate.
  • They protect against environmental aggressors.
  • They prevent damage to collagen and elastin.

6. They May Alleviate Acne Outbreaks And Dry Skin

6. They May Alleviate Acne Outbreaks And Dry Skin

Acne is caused by bacteria that invade your skin. So, if you happen to regularly suffer from acne, this means that bacteria are also regularly eating up your skin. Being that probiotic skincare products are rich in good bacteria, it follows that your skin will now have enough supply of good bacteria to fight off the bad.

When you have more good bacteria through probiotics, inflammation is reduced. Probiotic skincare products may positively assist in keeping the skin clear and unclogging the pores. The stronger your skin is, the healthier it becomes to fight off intruders, like bacteria.

7. They May Reduce The Appearance Of Scars

When you regularly suffer from skin conditions and breakouts, it’s not surprising that scars may linger. Especially for skin conditions that are itchy and progress to become wound-like, scars may remain from all the scratching. While the irritation and itchiness disappear, the acne scars may linger. In effect, your skin starts to look unhealthy, with its glow dwindling as well.

By using products with probiotics, the onset of infection is alleviated. In turn, the appearance of scarring is reduced. Your skin’s glow may be restored when its smoothness and overall condition are improved.

8. They Protect Your Supply Of Good Bacteria

The skin loses its glow when your health starts to suffer, too. This is evident when the bad bacteria are overwhelmingly greater than the body’s good bacteria. To avoid this from happening, you need probiotic products to restore balance in your skin. On top of using probiotic products, these are other practices you must observe:

  • Consider skipping the cleanser in the morning and just wash with water.
  • Step away from harsh cleansers that are also labeled as anti-bacterial as these may also strip your skin off the healthy bacteria.
  • Use gentle and non-soap-based cleansers. 


To make the most out of the skin benefits of probiotics, you have to be very selective about the kinds of probiotic skincare products you use. Don’t settle for anything less than the best, otherwise, you may only waste your money and time on switching to a skincare routine that doesn’t work. With probiotic skin care treatments, you can either take them orally through pills or use them topically through creams and other beauty treatments with your dermatologist. The choice is completely up to your preference.

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