Blog Fadogia Agrestis: Reviews, Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, Doses, Cost & Is It Safe?

Fadogia Agrestis: Reviews, Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, Doses, Cost & Is It Safe?

Every man has a desire for a muscular, athletic body. For getting the dream body, you are visiting the gymnasium and taking many muscle-building supplements. But most artificial steroid supplements are filled with many harmful toxic chemicals and substances. This is the reason most health-conscious men have faith in natural products. As the natural booster, Fadogia agrestis is the best to pick for you. 

This is a plant-based supplement. However, Fadogia agrestis is not only a plant-based regular supplement. This is a Nigerian plant. And streams of the plants have multiple benefits used to treat Malaria and male sexual dysfunction. Along with the beneficial medical properties, this plant also works as a muscle-building steroid.


What Is Fadogia agrestis?

What Is Fadogia agrestis

Fadogia agrestis is a plant that originated in Nigeria. The steam of the plant is used to make medicine. The ingredients of the plant are used to treat male erectile dysfunction and impotence. Another important use of the Fadogia agrestis is it is a natural plant-based muscle-building supplement. This is a pretty good replacement for synthetic anabolic artificial steroids.

The chemical properties of plants boost the male testosterone hormone level. We all know testosterone is the only hormone that is responsible for male muscle building. This is because, on the other hand, this increasing level of hormone is raising the sex drive of the body.

Let’s see the components of supplement and know-how this natural muscle building steroid is working.

Ingredients Of Fadogia agrestis

Ingredients Of Fadogia agrestis

The Fadogia agrestis is a plant-based muscle-building steroid. This steroid is impactful on the male body, and positivity increases the testosterone hormone secretion. So how is it going to do it? To get the full knowledge of the supplement’s functions, you have to take a look at the components of the supplements.

Here is the list of the ingredients which are present in the supplement:

1. Scopoletin

All the ingredients present in the Fadogia agrestis have a role in the body’s hormone secretion. For example, Scopoletin has many anti-inflammatory properties and use to treat asthma and bronchial illnesses. In addition, this ingredient’s chemical properties are also used to treat depression and anxiety and balance out serotonin secretion.

2. Luteolin

In the common term, we know the name of Luteolin as the cancer-treating agent. Luteolin has medical properties which are working as a solid inflammatory protective drug.  These ingredients are used to treat hypertension and anxiety in the traditional Chinese culture.

3. Betulinic Acid

Betulinic acid also has cancer-treating properties. In addition, betulinic acid is a protective agent which works as an antimalarial and anti-inflammatory agent and protects your body. For this ingredient, Fadogia agrestis is used to treat Malaria.

4. Lupeol 

Lupeol also has a cancer-treating agent. In addition, lupeol has chemical properties which are working as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

5. Oleanolic Acid

In general, Oleanolic acid is used to treat liver diseases. This acid normalizes viral hepatitis, and this is going to improve the liver condition. Along with the liver conditions improvements, this acid is boosting your body’s testosterone hormone level.  

6. Ursolic Acid

Ursolic Acid is present in the Fadogia agrestis, which is impacting the body muscle building. Along with muscle-building, this acid is improving the liver functions of the body. And protect the liver cells. In addition, oleanolic and Ursolic acid both boost your body’s testosterone hormone secretion level.

7. Sitosterol

Beta-sitosterol has medicinal properties and is used to lower the body’s cholesterol levels. This ingredient is also improving the symptoms of the enlarged prostate glands. It is going to boost your testosterone hormone level in the body. This way, it is going to improve your sex drive.

Fadogia agrestis Pros

Fadogia agrestis Pros

The Fadogia agrestis is not like the other steroid-based supplements. This is going to boost your testosterone level but without adding harmful chemicals to your body. So if you like to use any natural steroid, this is going to be the best pick for you.

Here are a few advantages of Fadogia agrestis:

  • This supplement is pretty popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Hence it boosts your testosterone hormone secretion level.
  • Fadogia agrestis is an entirely plant-based steroid. No artificial fragrance and colors are added to it.
  • Along with muscle-building, the chemical properties of the supplement are going to boost your liver and improve your health condition.
  • After you start to consume the supplement, your sex drive will increase.
  • Your potential athletic ability increases, and you are going to reach your body-building target.

Fadogia agrestis Cons

Fadogia agrestis Cons

Hence The Fadogia agrestis is a plant-based product. A very few chances of side effects are present. But the side effects are always there.

Here are the potential side effects of Fadogia agrestis:

  • This supplement is not for breastfeeding and pregnant women. Because during this time, the hormonal imbalance is very harmful.
  • Always ask the doctor before starting to take it. Because depending upon your age and body requirement, the doses are going to be different.
  • Fadogia agrestis do not have very severe side effects, but the overdose is pretty harmful and impactful for everyone.

Fadogia agrestis Reviews

Fadogia agrestis Reviews

For the athlete and bodybuilders, Fadogia agrestis fast showing a positive result. But as it is a natural product, always give some time to see the result. The proper doses of Fadogia agrestis are mandatory because I started taking it when I was following a strict diet and exercise routine. 

This is not a weight loss supplement. So if you like to build your muscle strength, you can take it. Men and women have different doses.  For women, you have to take more precautions about the supplements. Hence the sudden high amount of testosterone level can harm your skin and body. 

Fadogia agrestis Doses

Fadogia agrestis Doses

Fadogia agrestis have beneficial properties in it. But the doses are entirely depending upon your body requirements, body mass, age, and weight. Still, now the Fadogia agrestis toxicity of severe cases is not accepted everywhere. But as per my opinion, you should take it after your meal and after a single dose if you start to face some gastric problems. Take an antioxidant to normalize your cell’s oxidative state.

But you must ask your doctor before starting to consume it. Because based on your body weight and age, your doses are going to be determined. 

For example, for a 150lb person, only 100mg Fadogia agrestis is enough.

Like this, a 200lb weight person has to take only 450mg for muscle building. Of course, this is also going to differ depending on your sex and age.

Is It Safe?

Is It Safe_

Regular doses of Fadogia agrestis are pretty safe. But if you start to have health difficulties like respiratory distress and epistasis. Then, you must ask your doctor for further consultations. This are the Fadogia agrestis overdose symptoms.

Be conscious about it. And if you are starting to experience these types of difficulties, stop your dose and share your health issues with your doctors. Fadogia agrestis is increasing lipid peroxidation, which is not suitable for health. So try to avoid the overdose of the pills and maintain your health.

Fadogia agrestis Cost

Fadogia agrestis Cost

Fadogia agrestis is available in many forms. The capsules are the standard form of supplement. Each of the bottles has 120 servings. You also can take the supplement in capsule form.

Fadogia agrestis by Body Essentials comes with $25. And each supplement jar has 120 servings. Depending upon your delivery address, the price of the supplement is going to be different. So when you are thinking of taking the supplement, always consult your doctor first. And take the supplement based on their prescription. 


The Fadogia agrestis is a natural hormone booster and muscle builder. But if you like to get fast results with the supplements, you also have to follow an exercise routine. The regular consumption of the right amount of Fadogia agrestis increases your physical potential and capability. After starting to use it, share your opinion and supplement using experiences in the comment section.

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